I am on mission to make my family love fish, certain fish are good to have, even though these days we have to bit careful on our choice of fish, with polluted environment, mercury issue on fish are quite frightening, and also choose sustainable fish, ask the fishmonger where the fish come from. I feel sad with what people done to the environment *sad face, but we could make good start from ourself.


Usually all the family member, exclude me, are love love fried fish, but not bake. While I love anything that juicy and moist they are quite the opposite. So I already tried quite some variant of fish to see the texture after baking, they like succulent well done texture of fish, and this Sea Bass is just perfect *they called it Lubina in Spanish



I made some Indonesian traditional recipe for this fish, so it taste so much like home, and the whole family can easily adapt it *haha playing trick. Also this recipe is easy and quick, put all the seasoning in blender, and coat it into the fish, baked then you good to go. Good dishes for weekend, while you could also relax doing other thing, dance, play with kids, read a book or any interesting thing *hehe

This baked fish, I serve it with bake sweet potatoes that I just posted earlier and sautéed spinach in sesame oil, it is super delicious, enjoy it with some brown rice, yep yep brown rice for me *hehe. I also got some left over bake sweet potatoes, and I enjoy with other dishes in the next day, I love left over when the flavour are intensified.


Here the recipe



  • 1 medium size sea bass, just choose not too big fish, which is more safe, from my point of view
  • 1 medium size tomatoes
  • 1 medium size french shallot
  • 3 clove of garlic
  • 1 red chilli, seed out
  • 3 candlenut (you can replace it with raw macadamia nut, 1 1/2 to replace each one of candle nut)
  • 1 tbs of lemon juice or lime juice
  • 2 tbs thick coconut milk (this is optional) but this coconut milk create thick, savoury and creamy chilli paste


  1. Heat the oven 180 Celsius
  2. While waiting for the oven, into the blender, blend all the ingredient, except the Fish *haha. Blend the ingredient into the texture you loved, actually I prefer rough, but my hand blender are broken,
  3. Put the aluminium foil on baking tray, put the fish in it and rub the fish with the chilli paste, ensure to coating all part include the inside part of the fish, close gently the foil
  4. Bake the fish for good 15 minute, after 15 minute taking it out from the oven, and change the oven into grill, open the upper part of the foil and grill the fish for 10 minute
  5. Take out from the grill and you good to go




  • 4 good handful of spinach (not baby spinach)
  • 3 clove of garlic, crush it and chop roughly
  • 1 onion spring, take the white part and slice it roughly
  • 1 tbs oyster sauce
  • 1 tbs light soy sauce, Tamari with reduce salt of you have in in hand
  • 1 tsp sesame oil
  • a Pinch of himalayan salt
  • 1-2 tbs light olive oil
  • Roasted almond and cashew for contrast texture, BUT this is just optional


  1. In medium heat, put fried pan and light olive oil, add the garlic and onion spring, watch over it, don’t burn the garlic, sautéed them until fragrance
  2. Put inside the spinach and the rest of the seasoning, cooked them quick, for 3-5 minute, otherwise the spinach would get mushy, which is not good
  3. Take from the heat after the spinach change in colour and quick put it in plate to stop cooking, for any minute longer in pan the spinach will continue to cooked
  4. Serve and sprinkle with roasted nut
  5. It is actually easy, just matter of timing


I love sweet potatoes, and so my kids too, the one we used to enjoy is whole roasted potatoes. Back in Indonesia, we have one variety that called Ubi Cilembu or honey sweet potatoes, it is called honey sweet potatoes because when you roasting it, it would produce such a melting liquid that so sweet as honey, it is so delicious. So basically, the way I enjoy sweet potatoes is on sweet tone, like on dessert or just eat it as it is.


I have recipe, Indonesian traditional dessert , it is vegan friendly called “Biji Salak” it is like small dumpling from sweet potatoes cooked with tapioca flour so it is a deliciously chewy with coconut milk sauce, I promise you, would write the recipe later, I love to cooked it using purple sweet potatoes, it is so appealing and sexy *haha



So this was the first time I enjoy sweet potatoes in savoury tone, my kids still weird to enjoy it, but I love it. I enjoy this dishes with mix match to random dishes I got in my kitchen, and it was beautifully versatile to match any dishes. I think any of you are get used to cooked roasted sweet potatoes and already have favourite recipe, but who know you want to tried mine *wink, muaach

Lets go with me?


SERVE 1 plate generous portion


  • 2 medium size sweet potatoes (cut them as your preference, I got mine like french fries)
  • 1 tsp good quality garlic powder
  • 1 tsp dried parsley
  • 1/2 tsp Himalayan salt or sea salt
  • Generous amount of olive oil (I love extra virgin because of the flavour, it is create deep and edgy flavour)


  1. Heat the oven for 190 Celsius (bake mode)
  2. While waiting for heat of the oven, mix all the ingredient together, mix them really well and ensure all the sweet potatoes are coating well by the seasoning
  3. Bake the sweet potatoes for good 25 minute
  4. Change the mode into grill and bake them for another 15 minute, don’t forget to flip it in the half time of grilling, take out from the oven and let it cool
  5. Enjoyyy, it is so delicous


This recipe is meant to companied my turmeric and coconut milk rice, to add some fresh relish into my spicy ginger torch sambal from earlier post. I like kind of food that have a lot of layer, flavour and texture, it is like symphony, like you noticing each instrument on good music, I love jazz in particular but I also listen to a lot of crap *haha.


I still learning on make a good salad, I just playing safe so far, by just add ingredient that I well known, in this recipe I just create balancing flavour of sweet-salty and sour by adding some lemon, honey, himalayan salt and Spanish extra virgin olive oil, BTW Spanish olive oil is superb delicious, I ever read in some magazine that certainly hard to understand *in Spanish, mention to stick with local Spanish Virgin olive oil and I prove it work beautifully into this recipe, But you can add your virgin olive oil from your favourite brand. Back In Indonesia I have this addictiveness of garlic infuse olive oil, which so far I couldn’t find in here, I don’t know if that is real thing, but I just love the flavour, my kids too. I would just add that garlic infuse olive oil with crust garlic and parsley, throw some al dente angel hair pasta and my kids will be digging into that dishes until nothing left *keep focus Casey, Haha

Okay I will straight forward into the recipe, lets go with me



  • 2 medium size cucumber, seed out, and dice it not too small
  • 2 stalk of dill, chop it
  • 4-5 cherry tomatoes, quarter it


  • 1 tbs honey
  • 2 tbs fresh lemon juice
  • pinch of sea salt ( I am using himalayan salt, I just love the taste)
  • 2 tbs extra virgin olive oil


  1. For the dressing, add all the ingredient in small jar, and shake it off, yea shake it off
  2. Add the rest ingredient in bowl, pour the dressing and mix it gently
  3. You done, it is super easy, you could also add chilli flake if you want to add some edge


Do you ever heard or even tasting any ginger torch in your meal? well I love love love this ingredient, sound hyperbolic but the unique texture, taste and it fragrance really capture me. SO far in Madrid I never found or seen it, I brought it from home and freeze it, I really obsessed with this herb, and hope will be find it later in Madrid.


Any time I cooked this condiment, I need to stay away from my kitchen, other wise, I would non stop eating *haha. I enjoy it with warm brown rice and blanch veggies, I would be happy like a fool for the rest of the day.

I am really sorry if may this recipe maybe not applicable if you can’t find any ginger torch, but if you visit Indonesia, for easy example Bali, I think it would be easy for you to find any meal that have ginger torch in it ingredient, and you should try it. If you love layer upon layer taste and texture on food you would love the dishes.

I am here just want to share you, the existence of this recipe. Back in Indonesia, usually ginger torch are grown in a forest, it is like wild ginger that you could forage, this ingredient are usually quite pricey even in Indonesia, because it is grown wild.

If you ever find this ingredient and want to try my hot spicy condiment, here are the recipe, lets go with me



  • 1 Ginger torch bud, slice it finely
  • 1 big size french shallot (or 10 asian shallot, it is smaller and sweeter,  french shallot are more savoury and spicy)
  • 3 garlic clove
  • 1 tsp shrimp paste (you can omit this ingredient for vegan version or if you don’t have it in hand but you can replace it with anchovies 3-4 pieces are perfect)
  • 1 medium size tomatoes
  • 5 red chilli, seed in
  • 10 bird eye chilli, yep yep it is fiery HOT
  • 1 tsp sea salt
  • 1 1/2 tsp brown sugar
  • 1 tbs vegetable oil or light olive oil


  1. In hand blender put inside french shallot, garlic clove, shrimp paste, tomatoes, both chilli, salt and sugar, mashed them roughly.
  2. In medium heat, put medium pan and the oil, when sizzling hot put inside the sambal, cooked them well, when you are sneezing that is good sign that the sambal already cooked. I know it is like a torture to cooked this condiment *haha
  3. when the sambal are cooked, put inside the ginger torch, stir them well for at least good 5 minute
  4. You can serve it with any blanch veggies it would be perfect, with any salad leaf, if you have tofu or tempeh, ouuch that would be perfect don’t forget the brown rice or roasted sweet potatoes, YUM
  5. I really hope you can taste this condiment


I got this Kale that I really want to cooked it with a lot of chilli and shallot, but I don’t know why it is just sitting in the fridge for already few days (haha another excuse, my laziness are the winner). It is in the middle of the week, when usually kids are already ate in the school and usually they are tend to not really hungry after school time, their hungry time usually close to the bed time *rolling eyes, so better be prepared, when I asked for dinner, the kids want to eat some fish, I force them to have it to be exact *haha, I think they are weird, the same fishes in certain time they are really loving it even asking for more, but in another time they will refuse it no matter what, it puzzle me.


I have this beautiful sustainable salmon fillet in my stock, I want to cooked them with Thai inspired marinated, so the side dishes must be Asian inspired too. Actually I am not really sure to cooked the Kale in Asian seasoning, but I have to give it a try, and mixed it with even more uncommon ingredient for Asian cooking, such as fennel bulb and Judia verde (judia verde is green bean, but it is big and long, not common green bean that ever I saw in my home country, I don’t know in your country what to call it, but you can google it to know it appearance).

The fact that this dishes is such a hit was quite surprise me, I just blanch a Kale before, or in simple seasoning which just salt, pepper and pinch of sugar, seasoning them with soy sauce, sesame oil and with beautiful outcome was make me so happy, the sesame oil really elevating the taste of this dishes, it create subtle smokiness which is I’d about repeat again that I love smoky things *haha, yeay, another way to eat super Kale, I just cooked it quick in high heat, so I could keep the Kale beautiful green leaf. Even my husband, I have to push him to eat a lot more veggies, and he enjoy this dishes, and finish a half plate of it *thanks God the kids are just sheep like me, eat anything green haha.

Here the recipe if you want to tried


Serve 3 small portion


  • 5-6 Kale stalk (tear it apart in small pieces)
  • 1/2 fennel bulb (slice it finely)
  • 5-6 Judia verde or green bean, if you used green bean you can used hand full of it (Julienne slice them)
  • 1/2 red chilli, seed out, slice them on your preference (if you like it HOT you certainly can add more ;))
  • 1/2 french shallot, slice them
  • 3 garlic clove *owh garlicky, crush and chop them
  • 1 big onion spring, slice the bulb finely
  • 2 tbs light soy sauce
  • 1 tbs sesame oil
  • 1 tsp brown sugar
  • pinch of salt (I used pink himalayan salt, that would be really depend on your salty preference, I just add a pinch because himalayan salt are salty compare to sea salt, and enough saltiness from the soy sauce)
  • 1 tbs light olive oil


  1. In medium heat, put medium fried pan and light olive oil, after the oil is hot, put inside french shallot, garlic clove, onion spring and slice chilli, sautéed them until fragrance and soft
  2. After the basic are fragrance and soft put inside judia verde and fennel bulb, put the hight heat, we need to cooked the veggies quick so we can keep the crunchiness, after the judia verde change in colour add in the Kale, stir it quick, add the soy sauce, sesame oil and brown sugar, taste it, if it less salty you can add pinch of salt
  3.  After the kale are soft and shiny, take it off from the heat
  4. You can enjoy it with steam brown rice or as it is



There are a lot thing going on lately, but that is live, I got a lot pending posting, this procrastination thing are my worst enemy, since I am really easy to got distract, from one idea to an-others, hopping in my brain like naughty rabbit, sometime quite hard to catch it and making something real from it. I love creating something, but sometime to documented it is such a thing that I have to fight for, and in another time when I want to re-create the old-fave recipe well that is the time I hit the wall, where I realising how important to document it. So I push myself hard to throw my laziness, and fact that I easily forget certain thing make the struggle even obvious *thank you for reading my brag hehe


This recipe is so versatile, you can almost put it on everything, on toast, on noodle, on rice, on bunch of veggies, you name it, that is so far I already tried, you can let me know your experiment *hehe. Most of the time, I always have this side dishes in my fridge, always make some extra and store them in tight container, so when I have no idea for myself to simply snacking, I’ll just blanch some veggie and pour it generously with this sauce, voila, healthy snack in hand, you also can enjoy it with some raw veggie like cucumber, radishes, cherry tomatoes, boiled or bake potatoes *uhmm blink blink in my eyes, later I’ll posted some Indonesian inspired salad called *Gado-Gado* it is mix veggie that poured with this peanut sauce

I think, I will go straight to the recipe



  • 250 gram salty peanut
  • 50 gram cashew nut
  • 3 medium garlic clove
  • 1 medium size french shallot
  • 3 candle nut (if you don’t have this you can replace it with macadamia nut)
  • 1 red chilli seed out (Don’t worried this is just for colouring, but if you like spicy food you can add more)
  • 2 tbs sweet soy sauce
  • 1 tbs light soy sauce
  • Salt and sugar on your preference
  • 400ml water


  1. In a blender put inside the Salty peanut, cashew, garlic, shallot, candle nut, red chilli and water. Blend them until smooth, about the texture do what you really love.
  2. In medium sauce pan, under medium heat, pour the peanut mixture, and boiled them, put inside the seasoning, salt, soy sauce, sweet soy sauce and the sugar. Continue to boiled them until bubbly, the texture would be thick. Keep an eye on it, since really easy to get it burn, continue to cooked it until really thick as peanut butter consistency. Take out from the heat, let them cool and put it in a container
  3. When you want them as a sauce, take a couple table spoon of the butter, and add small amount of water and stir them in medium heat
  4. When you want them as bread companion, you can just spread them into toast and add some slice avocado, tomatoes, any of your favourite salad leaf, and enjoyyyy



Crispy Oven Bake Falafel

I first taste this side dishes was from frozen area, upss, which is so rare to be happen, I just want to see how it taste, and I quite like it. Because it put me a lot of guilty taking food from frozen area, even though they are usually good like frozen nugget *haha with a lot artificial seasoning that is the reason they are taste good *this is what I think (except seafood, I quite like frozen seafood, because they are practical and fresh, but If I found the fresh one for sure the fresh are the winner). That is the reason why I was looking for the falafel recipe that fit me, because I like it and don’t want to eat frozen food, if possible *haha.


I already try some falafel recipe, most the recipe I’ve been tried was the fried one, which was put me a lot of trouble, like the mixture become separate once I put in hot oil and creating such a mess *haha, yet the end result was too greasy for me, yes I like fried something food but even me have a limit. So I tried, what if I bake the mixture, playing with estimation how long it took to bake it and make the falafel crispy outside and fluffy inside. I am quite satisfied with the end result of this first testing, later I think, I’d play with the ingredient, yup-yup.


Even in here I add some ingredient like flat leaf parsley, and it turn beautiful, in previous recipe test I put a bunch of herb like flat leaf parsley and coriander leaf, turn out I don’t really like it, it was too herby and too strong for me. So on this recipe I just add just enough herb to create some subtle taste. Also I replace the onion from the most original recipe into shallot, it is sweeter and saved for me, I am bit allergic to onion, it caused heart burn to me, due to my super active stomach acid and onion is one of the triggered. I add some green chilli to add some heat, heat always good for me *wink. I enjoy this dishes with warm brown rice, arugula salad leaf, and spicy Sambal artichoke, I’ll write the recipe later for this delicious artichoke Sambal, yeay


Here all you need


Serve 16-17 medium size falafel


  • 400 gram Garbanzo/chick pea, cooked and soft
  • Handfull of coriander leaf
  • handfull of flat leaf parsley
  • 1 green chilli, deseed it if you want
  • 1 medium size french shallot
  • 3 big size garlic
  • 1 tsp ground coriander
  • 1 tsp cumin
  • 1 tsp sea salt
  • 1/4 cup whole wheat flour/all purpose flour
  • 2 tbs olive oil
  • 1/8 tsp baking powder
  • Olive oil in sprayer to coating the outside of the mixture before goes to the oven


  1. In food processor put the Garbanzo, coriander leaf, green chilli, flat leaf parsley, shallot, garlic, cumin, sea salt and ground coriander, pulse them together until really fine as possible, put inside the oil and pulse them once again until combine.
  2. Put inside the whole wheat flour and baking powder, mix the mixture until well combine
  3. Preheat the oven 180C
  4. In the tray with a layer of parchment paper, take one Table spoon full of the mixture, make a ball from it and then flatten it, continue and finish the mixture
  5. Before going to even, spray the surface of the mixture with olive oil
  6. Oven them for 28-33 minute until golden brown
  7. The falafel will be a bit soft after right away out from the oven, let them cool, it would  create crispy exterior and soft fluffy interior
  8. Enjoyyy