Do you ever heard or even tasting any ginger torch in your meal? well I love love love this ingredient, sound hyperbolic but the unique texture, taste and it fragrance really capture me. SO far in Madrid I never found or seen it, I brought it from home and freeze it, I really obsessed with this herb, and hope will be find it later in Madrid.


Any time I cooked this condiment, I need to stay away from my kitchen, other wise, I would non stop eating *haha. I enjoy it with warm brown rice and blanch veggies, I would be happy like a fool for the rest of the day.

I am really sorry if may this recipe maybe not applicable if you can’t find any ginger torch, but if you visit Indonesia, for easy example Bali, I think it would be easy for you to find any meal that have ginger torch in it ingredient, and you should try it. If you love layer upon layer taste and texture on food you would love the dishes.

I am here just want to share you, the existence of this recipe. Back in Indonesia, usually ginger torch are grown in a forest, it is like wild ginger that you could forage, this ingredient are usually quite pricey even in Indonesia, because it is grown wild.

If you ever find this ingredient and want to try my hot spicy condiment, here are the recipe, lets go with me



  • 1 Ginger torch bud, slice it finely
  • 1 big size french shallot (or 10 asian shallot, it is smaller and sweeter,  french shallot are more savoury and spicy)
  • 3 garlic clove
  • 1 tsp shrimp paste (you can omit this ingredient for vegan version or if you don’t have it in hand but you can replace it with anchovies 3-4 pieces are perfect)
  • 1 medium size tomatoes
  • 5 red chilli, seed in
  • 10 bird eye chilli, yep yep it is fiery HOT
  • 1 tsp sea salt
  • 1 1/2 tsp brown sugar
  • 1 tbs vegetable oil or light olive oil


  1. In hand blender put inside french shallot, garlic clove, shrimp paste, tomatoes, both chilli, salt and sugar, mashed them roughly.
  2. In medium heat, put medium pan and the oil, when sizzling hot put inside the sambal, cooked them well, when you are sneezing that is good sign that the sambal already cooked. I know it is like a torture to cooked this condiment *haha
  3. when the sambal are cooked, put inside the ginger torch, stir them well for at least good 5 minute
  4. You can serve it with any blanch veggies it would be perfect, with any salad leaf, if you have tofu or tempeh, ouuch that would be perfect don’t forget the brown rice or roasted sweet potatoes, YUM
  5. I really hope you can taste this condiment


I am so determine trying to living in more healthy way, while I really love Indonesian food, for the richness of the taste (hello spices) and really broad of the choices. The dilemma are, in the most traditional recipe, the main ingredient usually come from animal protein, which is now I am trying to cut it a lot more often, due to lethargic effect I had, after consume it, but I wont resist Beef Rendang if there any and warm brown rice please *evil laugh


And then this come to my mind, Why I don’t switch the main ingredient which are animal protein into the plant base protein or veggie that match the recipe. And in here where the play part is so much fun, I need to guess the main ingredient and the matches into the Indonesian traditional recipe, which obvious that every ingredient bring their own character into the dishes.


Before Spain, I never eat artichoke, and don’t even have any idea how to prepare it. But Imperial mom (the lady that own my favourite vegetable shop) taught me how to prepare it, quite interesting ingredient, I love the exotic and sexy look of artichoke and dreaming to have it someday, and here I am, living in the abundant of fresh one *Thanks God.

But in this recipe I used the frozen one (ah how ironic, forgive me please, I am still exploring and comparing the taste, that is my excused *haha). In previous recipe testing I was using this ready to cooked heart of artichoke in jar, but the taste was too salty and sour, and I don’t think it was good enough, even still delicious to eat, but I can see the potential that this artichoke is matches into my traditional recipe, and I have to find the right     artichoke. When I found the frozen one, absolutely I want to make another try, and BANG the taste was so good, serve with warm brown rice, arugula and delicious slice of avocado, hand me one more portion please *nomnom


I love recipe that so simple and no fuss, if you are mommy you’d understand me, simply because I also want to enjoy my alone time and being productive in any other things, so effectivity is the key. In my most recipe, I commonly use just few ingredient without sacrificing the tastiness of the dishes, in this recipe is also the same. Well maybe in my rare occasion I’ll made this complicated recipe, but I’ll ensure you, that they are all worthy *muaach haha


Well, going straight forward to the recipe, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do


Serve 3 generous portion


  • 1 medium size french shallot
  • 1 medium size garlic clove
  • 4 red chilli (seed out if you don’t want too spicy, but if you are spicy addict as I am, add a lot more with bird eye chilli if necessary *HOTHOTHOT)
  • 1/2 medium size ripen tomatoes
  • 4 kefir lime leaf (this is the key ingredient that will be elevating the whole taste of this dishes)
  • 250 gram frozen of heart artichoke (choose the high quality one, one more, I choose the baby artichoke in this recipe)
  •  1 tsp salt
  • 2 tsp brown sugar
  • 1 tbs light olive oil


  1. In the blender or you can used hand blender, put the shallot, garlic, chilli and tomatoes, blend them until smooth, but if you want texture you can blend them quick, all depend on your preference (if you struggle to blend them you can add 2-3 table spoon of water)
  2. In medium size fried pan under medium heat, put the chilli mixture, sauté them until there is no trace of water, put the olive oil and the kefir lime leaf, continue sauté them until really fragrance
  3. After the chilli mixture is fragrance, put in the heart of artichoke until it cooked perfectly around 15 minute, keep an eye on it, stir them occasionally to ensure you are not burn them *haha, this quite often happen with me
  4. After it perfectly cooked, take off from the heat.
  5. Serve them with brown rice (actually you also can enjoy with noodle, savoury oatmeal porridge, couscous or even quinoa), salad leaf (I love arugula) and slice of avocado. Well this is just an idea, you can be creative on how to serve it

My Ultimate Simple Tomatoes Salsa

This recipe is one of recipe that I made quite often, anytime I don’t know what to eat and need some of high light freshness on my dishes this recipe will always work and never let me down, meaning evoking my appetite. Or on my bad day that I need some slap in my face  I’ll add a lot chilli in this recipe and I’ll be happy as fool person again *yeah I really relay my happiness on food, the addiction is so bad haha.


No work hard needed on this recipe, the only hard work you need is maybe deseeding the tomatoes and chilli, also dicing them finely. I love this contrast and bursting flavour that create by it, it feel like there is a party in my mouth, from the fresh sweet-sour tomatoes (I rather choose cherry tomatoes, because I do not need to deseeding it, I am lazy I know *sorry to myself), spicy bitterness of french shallot and the slap hit from spicy chilli, yum yummm.


Usually I enjoy this recipe with blanch veggie, grilled asparagus, plain brown rice, savoury oatmeal, I even sometime just digging on it *don’t forget to brush your teeth if you do the same thing haha, you’d be know after you read the ingredient

Okay, clap your hand and lets go to the kitchen



  • 5-6 firm fresh tomatoes cherry, dice it to 8 small cube, don’t choose the overripe tomatoes because it would be too much water in it (or 1 medium size red tomatoes, seed out and dice them finely as your preference)
  • 1 fresh red cayenne pepper or the green one, freely to choose, seed out and dice it finely (if you want super hot, you always can add some more chilli or even bird eye chilli, owwh spicy)
  • 1/2 medium size french shallot, dice it super finely
  • 1 tbs fresh lemon juice
  • pinch of salt


Just mix all the ingredient together and serve it right away. Be careful to not rub your eyes and wash your hand properly after all the chilli *hehe. Enjoyy


Spicy Braised Squid Head

Honestly, I am not really fan of squid, hmm not really love the taste which I think is quite plain and if you are not cooking it correctly it would be tough as a rubber band *uppss disaster. But I don’t know why, during this routine grocery store walk, I found a temptation when seeing fresh shinny squid head, rather sexy to me haha, okay then I bag 1/2kg of it, even though not really know what I want to do with it.

But I have this little lady that never afraid to taste any strange food, so I gambling wishing she would love to eat this squid head haha. And come to my surprise after picking up her from school, yes-yes in the morning before school usually I’ll let her know my schedule and asking if let say she want some specific thing she want me to cook for today or some specific food she want to enjoy, usually it is not far from fruit and her dinner, then I share a story to her what I bought during today grocery shopping, and she was so exciting to hear I am about cooking the head of the squid *pfiuuh.


As far I know, there is two ways to cook head of squid, you have to cook it in high heat and quick so the meat wont getting tough or cooked them slowly in medium heat until it soft and edible hehe. Between that the squid will become tough as a rubber and I tried both method to see which one I prefer. From those experiment, turn out, I don’t really like the quick and fast one, it was soft and taste pleasant but it just don’t fit me, so I decided to cooked it longer more, more less 25 minute longer and BAM it taste super good, it taste intensified from the broth that came out during braising.

And while waiting for that good amount 25 minute you can listen to your favourite song and pull out your killer dancing move *wink shake those booty babe, that is the reason why I always getting lost when cooking haha *Nah don’t listen to me, back to be serious, yuhuuu


On seasoning I just keeping it simple, I think you would notice, that I always have this basic garlic, shallot and chilli in my recipe, they never let me down and just turn everything becoming simply beautiful, it also what I am doing to this my braised recipe. And what makes me happy, my little girl asking for similar dishes in the next day, even though it was a bit too spicy for her, she said, she would still taking it because she loving it. We enjoy it with spicy nero pasta from previous post but you can also enjoy it with fluffy brown rice if you want to and add some fresh Arugula leaf (I love this salad leaf because there is spiciness and hint of meaty taste to it)

Back to the kitchen, and here all you need


SERVE 2 Generous portion to be enjoy with warm rice


  • 1/2 kg plump squid head (fresh, stay out from the frozen zone this time , during cooking the squid will release the water that make the dishes taste so rich with ocean taste)
  • 3 garlic clove, crush it and chop them roughly so it wont getting burn easily
  • 1 medium size french shallot
  • 1-2 fresh cayenne pepper, seed out, dice them finely (I know, it will put you in a pain, but believe me it will make the dishes look beautiful, or you can chop them base on your preference, ah don’t forget to not rubbed your eyes, yes?)
  • 1 hand full fresh parsley, chop them finely
  • pinch of salt
  • pinch of white pepper
  • 1 tbs light olive oil to sautéed the spice


  1. In medium heat, put medium size pan, after sizzling hot, put inside olive oil, garlic, french shallot and cayenne pepper, sautéed them until fragrance
  2. After the spice getting really fragrance, put in the squid head, just leave them there for good amount of 30 minute or until it tender, covered the pan. Before taking it out from the heat, scatter the parsley onto it. Cooked it for 2-3 more minute
  3. If you want to make the quick version, put the pan under really hot high heat, watch your garlic don’t burn them, it will taste awfully bitter when it get burn, the step are same as above method, but just take them out after the squid change in colour (more less 4-5 minute)
  4. Serve them with brown rice or with pasta like I have and complement them with any salad leaf you prefer




Indonesian Sambal

Sambal, it is absolutely main complement dishes that a lot of Indonesian can’t live without, including me. There are a lot of sambal recipe in Indonesia, since we are have a such big culture that spread all over islands *here I am being so proud of being Indonesian.  I can said that every islands and every tribe have such different unique culture, dishes and the way of live, such diversity we got. I can explore the Indonesian food culture in my whole life and I don’t think it will hit an end, just talking in here like this it’s already give me feeling overwhelmed haha.

I can’t live without Sambal, I love the heat, I love the sensation that it brought, I love the pump of excitement it gave to me, well it is me Hot Spicy junkie. What I will mention here is just one from hundreds Sambal recipe, I will specifically give you all the recipe I got in different post. You can literally enjoy Sambal in every dishes you got, fishes, meat, chicken, or veggie it is so versatile. Me personally I always enjoy sambal with vegetable, raw or blanch, it is a must for me to have a vegetable side dish every time I have sambal in my menu, no matter what other side dishes I got, sometime I just simply enjoy sambal, vegetable and brown rice that’s all, and I’ll be happy like a fool haha.



This sambal is the simplest sambal recipe, from the ingredient and the quickness of the execution *pardon of my word choices haha. It’s just consist juicy tomatoes, lime/lemon juice, chilli and shallot that is all. You can enjoy it with blanch veggie, slice of cucumber, Arugula leaf or lettuce the option are endless. Also if you are fans of meat, you can also enjoy it with meat, chicken, fishes, certain seafood dishes, this sambal could be your fresh relish *always there is someone who like it hot

And here all you need;


Serve 1 smal bowl


  • 1 Medium size French shallot
  • 1 Red chilli (seed out if you want to, but I keep it and double it amount)
  • 7 Bird eye chilli (be careful this super hot, if you omit this chilli, you can double your red chilli with seed out)
  • 1 Big juicy tomatoes
  • Pinch of sea salt
  • 1 tbs lemon/lime juice
  • 300ml water to poach them


Put all the ingredient on the small sauce pan, bring in the water and poach them under medium heat. Cooked them until soft, my sign is if I start sneezing *haha, that is good sign to take them out from the heat, mean they are already soft and cooked perfectly. Blitz them in food processor or blender, keep them rough not too smooth, but all back to your preference, me myself rather love to taste the chunk of chilli *HOTHOTHOT. Right before serving, mix them with the lemon/lime juice. Enjoyyyy



Tempe, I always exciting about this food ingredient, tempe is always become my favourite, as well as my kids and the rest of family. I eat a lot tempe and typical Indonesian tofu back home, there is no better place than home, but I could build my home here *keep positive. Even I know a lot GMO issue surrounding the soya, the key ingredient of tempe, but I just couldn’t help it, since its my ultimate comfort food. I craft this tempe by myself, since I don’t know where to find them in Madrid, I once made tempe from chickpeas but still not satisfied with the taste, but maybe I need to give it another try to see how it work, also chickpeas are healthier than soya. Usually I enjoy this dishes with brown rice, raw/blanch veggie, slice cucumber or just simple with warm brown rice, back home also we can enjoy it with fried vermicelli, Indonesian fried chicken, Indonesian vegetable salad (mix vegetable with sambal from young coconut flake, it is super delicious hmmm) oh no I can’t help now *haha, I think should stop here, the point is endless variation, typical Indonesian food usually compliment each other, we call it “Nasi Campur”, Nasi campur is super vegan friendly with burst and complex flavour, you can omit the meaty source dishes and still you got endless option *I love Indonesian food, I’ll make later some Vegan friendly nasi campur in later post with the ingredient I got in hand *laziness please go away haha.

Okay back to the this sambal tempe, here all you need, but I am really sorry, I don’t think you can replace the authentic Tempe flavour with any other ingredient, but you can try to find any tempeh in Asian grocery store, in freeze section and hope you can find it some. Below recipe are super hot, but please you can freely modified to your preference, free your mind and steal the idea *wink



  • 500 gram tempeh
  • 1 1/2 medium french shallot
  • 2 medium size garlic
  • 4 red chilli (seed out if you want to but I keep it)
  • 8 bird eye chilli
  • 1 tbs Terasi/shrimp paste *I’ll make a note below
  • 1 Juicy medium size tomatoes
  • 5 lime leaf
  • 1 lemon grass
  • 1/2 tsp sea salt
  • 1 tsp brown sugar
  • Sunflower oil to fried the tempe


  1. Cut the tempe in medium size, in medium heat put medium size pan and sunflower oil until it sizzling hot, fried tempe until it golden brown (if you want to add even more savouriness to the tempe, you can soak the tempe in little water with sea salt and grated garlic yum yum). There are another way instead of fried the tempe, if you get more concern on health, you can grilled the tempe until it slightly burn and I am sure the taste is even better with smokiness of the tempe, it will add another texture and a dimension to the flavour of this dishes. After it cooked, mashed roughly the tempe.
  2. Fried with 1 tbs sunflower oil, chilli, shallot, garlic, tomatoes and shrimp paste. Fried it until it soft, if you find yourself sneezing it is a good sign to taking it out from the heat *haha, sorry. And then blitz the sambal until it perform smooth paste.
  3. In medium heat, put medium pan and bring in the sambal, lemon grass and lime leaf, fried them until fragrance and put in the tempe, sea salt and brown sugar, mix them thoroughly until it cooked perfectly.
  4. It’s ready to serve, if you have basil leaf, you can add to them, it will bring even more complexity to the dishes. Me myself usually will mix it with a lot of slice ginger torch (ginger torch is ginger flower which is so fragrance and it adding fresh sour taste) but so far I can’t find it in Madrid, even I ever saw that it also used for some Japanese food, but I think not the mainstream Japanese food.


*Shrimp paste, honestly so far I haven’t find this in Madrid, but I think what you can do is replacing by using dried shrimp, even thought I think the taste will be slightly different, since shrimp paste through fermentation process. But at least you can bring the taste of the ocean to the dishes. What you can do is, clean up the shrimp, head on, and bake them in low heat oven until it dried and then grind them into powder, you can used food processor, not necessary super fine but smooth enough. Sometime I also put this dried shrimp to my laksa recipe and Indonesian curry that we called it Lodeh.