My childhood friends given me nickname Casey so you can call me Casey, for now I am settling in Madrid, originally I am come from Jakarta Indonesia. Food is always close to my heart, and cooking is the way I express myself. While traveling, writing and photography is my other passion that I start to dig more deeper, thankfully they are all related to each other.

I am not consider my self as vegetarian or even more vegan, but I love the piles of fresh vegetable, fruit and trying to be more conscious of my eating habit. I just falling in love with so many flavour I found on my so far exploration into vegetable and fruit land. Can you compare the burst of flavour of fresh and tasteful vegetable with some piece of meat? I no longer think twice on which I would rather to choose. And by the time I adjusting more on living in earthy way, I just feel strange with the taste of meaty base food *except if I put a lot of herb and spices on it haha, and my body also feel the same too, I just listen to what my body really wanted.

But in this page, I think mostly you would find plant based food recipe, with my twist. I love traditional recipe but I always curious and trying to twist it haha, *please forgive me. And I think you will rarely find me writing my Indonesian delegacy which most of them usually are meaty based and complicated, as I not really drawn into complicated. BUT there a big but here, I have some mission to slowly converted the meaty based food into beautiful dishes that are vegan friendly and more healthier *finger cross I would try my best. I love adapt vegetarian food because they are mostly fresh, natural, healthy, and are my family preference, do you hungry yet?

So this site would be the way I express my passion on cooking, travelling, writing and photography, diary to documented my experiment and creating new adventure for myself, exploring new ingredient and places that I’d discover during my journey. So welcome to my site, I hope you loving it, send me a message if you want to OR if you living in MADRID lets catch up sometime, I love wandering and get lost in a city.