Madrid Rastro

I am afraid I don’t know where to start this story, old market, authentic traditional market, farmer market are always attract me. Possibly it bursting from my childhood memories, when my parent always drag me to the night fair or place similar to that, I really hate to visit that kind of place specifically night fair because it was always crowded and noisy, but oddly enough when I grew up, that activity always give me joy.


I have this strange admiration to everything that old *well not everything it just for stuff haha, I love something that have history in it, something classic, authentic, rustic and old for sure, it is charming for me, so an idea to visit flea market is really excite me, even I never done it before back home, because I know it would be quite pricy and I didn’t have fix place back home.



Once arrive in this city, this beautiful warm city, I was doing some researched for this kind of market, I’ve been looking on Pinterest and asking friend, and really happy after I found out Madrid have this kind of market, RASTRO. I just realised recently that I really want to move to Spain long long time ago, inspired by show “Spain.. on the road again” host by one of my favourite chef Mario Batali, food writer Mark Bittman, Gwyneth Paltrow and Claudia Bassols. They cruising in a lot part of Spain, remote area of Spain where everything was still pure and authentic. Really dream to be able gathered with authentic local Spain people and taste their true, original food heritage. Apart of Spain another country that I really want to explore is the charming Italy, Tuscan for the specific, Amen haha.

My special guide a.k.a my dearly girlfriend finally confirm the she able to accompanied me to visit this market, she never went there for almost 20 years, wooww. According to her, Rasto is the oldest flea market and the biggest in Madrid, and that fact gave me even more excitement. I just wishing to find some old, original and classic kitchen utensil for my food photography property, or anything authentic that catch my attention.
What I can said about cruising Madrid during weekend is always challenging by using public transport since it’s always full, even though personally I really loving it, I like observing people to see their joy, laugh and high doze of their excitement, it give me such a spirit injection and it infectious to me, always make my day. In a while, deep down in my heart I pray that the market wont be really crowded, since the market only open on sunday, I wish to enjoy the market and take some beautiful picture from there. And turn out everything was as I predict, super crowded and it even difficult to walking through.

We try to swimming in the sea of people and having difficulties to find any stall that sell what I am looking for, and decided to see the shop that have stock to things I looked. Finally after interesting walk through old pavement, charming street and building, here we are, we found one old shop that quite messy but the shop striking us to old memories, old book, old plate, old furniture and give us giggle to remember the past. And what make me so happy, I found some old spoon set, and what even surprise me the price was quite cheap. Yeay at last, wrapping gift for myself haha. After a lot interesting discussion about old building, some life advice haha, good amount of laugh and crazily giggle, I realise there were something complain inside me, yup I am hungry, technically I always hungry, LoL, and decide to go for early lunch.




During our trip for lunches, My girlfriend taking me to this small ethnic shop which sell things from Tahini, exotic vegetable, coconut oil and a lot thing, which was vegan ingredient heaven to me. Wow-wow I feel lost haha. I just want to quickly exiting the shop before I am too impulsive and buy everything I want haha. Done shopping done.


We finish burning our money and walking to lunch destination, we discuss about these two restaurant, there are two option place that we want having lunch to, Italian or Greek food, and Greek won haha. We went to this restaurant called Egeo, Small restaurant with humble interior which I love, with one beautiful table close to the open window and 3 other table inside the restaurant , the restaurant itself make me feel like home and relax, not big intimidating restaurant, kind of place I wish to build in a future, small rustic restaurant that make you feel having meal with your family with warm hearty dishes.




They serve dish that similar to kebab, but they make it fresh, Me and my friend order this dishes called Brocheta Pollo, it is small dishes (well I called it snack haha) that consist tomatoes, grilled chicken, lechuga or salad leaf with sprinkle of smoke paprika then wrap to pita bread, also we ordered fresh salad called Daco, which consist crouton, dice tomatoes, capers, feta cheese, red onion season with oregano. Me personally, I have bad memories eating kebab, i don’t know why it taste not fresh to me, then I’ll get this itchy in my lip and bloating, really not comfortable. But I really curious to try this Greek version, turn out I really enjoy it, but not typical dishes you would have for dates, it is messy but I like messy haha.


The salad itself quite fulfilling for appetiser, it was good food to share, unique flavour and fresh good combo. Definitely I want to come back to this restaurant, If only I know the way to get back there, but that is google map used for right? haha. I really like how this restaurant took place, quite away from the riot of touristy surrounding, but also not totally quiet, with a good young vibe around the neighbourhood, here the address of the restaurant of you want to try their dishes, Calle de San Carlos 17, 28012 Madrid.

After all it was good day to celebrate autumn with my dearly friend, wrap with warm heart and happiness

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