Mercado de San Anton


I always enjoy the trip to a market, specially traditional market not so commercial market, if you know what I mean *wink. It is like tour for me. Different attitude from commercial market, I feel that there is warmed welcome from the stall owner. My dream of tour would be more complete when the market is sitting under  the old building, the smell, the atmosphere, the people, it just full of charm, charisma and it romantic to me *don’t be alarm by my weirdness that call a trip to market such a romantic thing to do.

Even when I just small girl, I will asked my mom to go along with her during morning grocery shopping, my mom always buy all fresh vegetable, meat and fruit every early morning in a traditional market near to our home, so we alway have fresh food in a table. I tried to past down that tradition to my daughter, get your vegetable and fruit fresh and local.

I moved to Madrid just few months ago, in early month of this year, the first thing I want to explore of course Market, traditional market if possible. But at the first time we arrive, my kids really miss home food which was include rice and soup *lol Asian. So my first trip was trying to find any Asian grocery store. After I found a lot of asian typical ingredient, well Madrid a lot more like home to us, which is good. You see, we always can relay our comfort in food, who’s with me? plus as long as it healthy for me *Grin

So back to Mercado de San Anton, I have dearly friend that local Spanish, she know me really well, so she took me this place. At first I ask her to drop me to Mercado de Sa Miguel, but she said that San Miguel was so typical touristy place when everything is quite expensive, so I trust her.


Just entering the market, I was stumble to this stall. It sell fruit, vegetable, assorted dried fruit, healthy seed, legume, a lot variety of rice and make me super exciting like kid in candy store, they even sell star fruit and mangosteen. Back to my home town, I used to eat a lot of ingredient like chia seed, himalayan pink salt, wild rice and some weird ingredient that I struggle to find in Madrid in first place, perhaps I just don’t know where to look, and google also doesn’t help *still learn how to be Spanish *wink. So find this place was like treasure, and the price was still okay for me. And also in their second floor there are some food stall and other stall that seem so interesting, but unfortunately I have no time to try some of them, so I can’t recommend anything. But I manage to try some fruit popsicle which was made from fresh fruit juice and their combo was so perfect, unfortunately I forgot the name of the place but the stall was sit just in front of the escalator on first floor, you have to try them.


If you have any recommendation on any beautiful market to visit in Madrid, please leave a message for me *wink



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