It is been a while since my last post, I got this resistant bite me right in my ass, make me don’t want to do anything other than wandering around my neighbourhood and getting lost in the middle of rain and freezing autumn, interesting and funny thought. And also I got this intense date and getting to know my new boyfriend,  it is intriguing and thrilled me, and turn out really easy not as complicated as I expected, I may introduce you with this handsome man, my new mirror-less SONY alpha a6000 *taraaaa haha, I got you.


I have to admit that I such a geek, I making money by spending most of my time sending order to a machine in my youth, even not enjoying that much because that machine not loving me back, demanding and complicated, but sometime I missed them haha, I missed the thrilled when they are got upset, not replied back my ping, or just simply asking for reboot or reload, oh God haha.

I think, I have to go back to my point, I really in love with anything about photography, it is such a magic to me to be able capturing beautiful moment, it feel both fascinating and painful to me, why? those photo might be such a beautiful moment in one time but could be full of pain in another time, and both effect that could generate by just one file one picture is such magic, you got me?. but Honestly I don’t know anything about photography, I just used my instinct to set up my camera, that might be break all the rule of photography, I just used my eyes for end result and what I want the picture become, I am so sorry professional *Grin. Back home I get used to this my Canon Powershot S3IS and my old Nikon D70 camera, I love Nikon so much for the  sharp result even without editing, but calibrating them into my need could be a challenge, but I love challenge. I used to love taking capture of landscape, people, architecture (specially old building with intrigue detail) and nature, in my youth usually I’ll wander around the city all day just to capture what catch my eyes *sweet now I miss that old time haha. But I set those passion aside after a lot things going on, first thing first.

After I found this desire to cook a lot, I start to capturing my food, again without any technique, I just want to give a result that anyone who see my food picture want to lick their screen, and that is not easy, I got a lot to learn and still don’t have anything so far. Usually I just used my phone to capture that, because it instant and easy, but later on I have to give a lot editing and filtering, which feel not right for me and against my feeling. And make me realised that I need some serious camera if I want to growth in this thing that I really love to do. And here I am, that is short story how I meet this my new boyfriend  haha.

Personally, so far for the styling,  what I love are dark moody style which give some rustic and misty feeling to the food, second I love clean and gourmet style. I think from that, I can say that I am very contradicted person haha. Hmm wish me luck on this journey. So far with this my new boyfriend, I really love it, it is super easy to used compare to my old Nikon, really unexpected, already capture some picture with me exploring some food styling which give so much excitement to me. I hope can share you later after a bit mastering on this matter. Please stay with me in my journey

*Note: that photo I took it at 2008 in Dreamland beach Bali with my old Canon Powershot  S3IS and here are the properties f/5 1/500 6mm. Mother nature give me such a beautiful scene to be capture, so It look just so fascinating to me.

Love you


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