Welcome to My Kitchen Adventure

My journey to cooking

I never thought that I would be getting lost on this wonderful world of cooking. I never think myself is good at cooking, but deep down I always know that I love to cook but just there is no time to explore it in my young time, which I regret it now (when I am free to do anything I want 😀 *wink), but better late than never right?

I was feel lost few years ago, I no longer feel connected to my job (I was work as a Telecommunication engineer in International company and I got stabile career but maybe that what was makes me feel lost of challenge), in my young age it was a dream to be able join this company but later on year by year I realised that this is not what I really want. I feel desperate to find what my passion was, I want to woke up in the morning feel happy to do my daily activity including my job and not feeling depressed about going to office :D.

Soon I got my daughter, I realised one thing, I want to give her the best thing I could get for her including food, I want to cook her food by myself, I want her to be healthy by not over consume sugar and salt, and sodium *wink. From here, I force myself to learn the art of cooking, first time was disaster and another disaster :D. Turn out you have to enjoy the cooking part by part including the disaster, you have to know what your ingredient and the most important thing is to be confident in the kitchen. After you know that, everything will be turn easy peasy, from my point of view everybody can cook because that is basic survival sense that every person would have. Cooking is like an art for me, every person have personal preference on cooking, it is like a blank canvas where you can put the colour you loved. Me personally to specific traditional recipe ( Like Italian cooking) I’ll follow what do and don’t but I’ll interpreted the recipe in my personal preference like how many garlic I’d be used for example.

When I do cooking I’ll getting lost, I feel like I have my own world, it calming me and make me think more clearly. Like simple chopping will helping me to ease my anxiety and when I really get bored with normal recipe I used to cooked, I’ll free my mind to explore using strange ingredients combo, sometime it turn beautifully delicious and sometime turn to be disaster but at least there is something I learned :D, so I can say kitchen is my sanctuary, my lab and my heart.

Later on in live, when I get age by age, I want to give the best for me and my family by eating more consciously, food that nourishing, delicious and balancing diet. Off course I’ll go get some delicious burger in the weekend but just for the sake of balance and satisfied my crave for something junk :D.

On this journey I want to explore traditional cooking wisdom with my twist (so sorry traditional recipe), I want to explore Indonesian ingredient and anything in this world that delicious .. munch munch munch.


I hope you enjoy my journey and hopefully this site will inspired you to go to your own adventure.



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