Whole wheat toast and Avocado Pesto


When I want to have scrumptious breakfast, thinking out of the box is essential. To have super delicious breakfast will give you a power to have a great day, at least you have a satisfied and fulfilling breakfast. For me breakfast is the hight light for the day, but it doesn’t mean to be complicated cooking, it is breakfast *dang.

I like simple recipe that fast and not fussy, since I have two kids that always clinging on me, fast and simple is important, nod, who’s with me? rise your hand *Grin

I make this recipe with the ingredient I got in hand, like replacing pine nut from original recipe by using salty peanut instead. And remove garlic because I don’t want to have strong flavour for my breakfast, but of course you can add it if you want to, from the size of this recipe adding half clove garlic would be perfect.


I blend them with hand blender, not too fine just enough texture so you can taste peanut in the pesto. Then I toast my whole wheat bread in hot pan, but you can always used your preference bread, I love my whole wheat bread with some seeds and healthy grain, it taste more nutty and give more savoury taste to the toast.


Here the recipe

Breakfast Wholewheat toast with Avocado Pesto


Whole wheat bread (toast them in really hot pan until slightly burn)


Handfull basil (4-5 stem)

3 tbs salty peanut

Half avocado

1 tbs virgin olive oil

1 tsp lemon juice

Pinch of sea salt (you can add some more if you used non salty peanut)

How to:

Blend them together until reaching paste consistency, not too fine just enough texture  to taste the peanut.

Serve the pesto by spreading to toast and top with avocado, you can add fried egg for even more satisfying breakfast.

The leftover pesto can be serve with some pasta, will be equally yummy, the lemon on the recipe will be prevent the avocado from getting darker in colour





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