New Year Non Sense

It is already early of February!! It is been a while, well quite some time since the last post I write about anything random, from the previous post I think you know that I’ve been sick for weeks. I want to talk about new year, even though it so yesterday haha, Here is the things about new year (at least what happen to me, but I am sorry, I am not one who celebrate new year for the reason that I am sure would makes you rising your eye brow, I prefer to choose my pillow and blanket haha), we tend to got a lot things to be done in this new chapter, handful of to do lists, fresh start, like brand new shiny toy, where there is eagerly passion to start exploring new stuff called resolution (which for me was never work haha), but reality could be hitting quite hard. And for me reality by mean, I have to combat my biggest enemy and that is Procrastination, here you go everyone I introduce you to my biggest obstacle, it is really stress me out, draining my energy and wasting my precious time.

This procrastination hugging me so tight, warming me like warm blanket and sucking out all the idea from inside of my head in return from their comfortability offered and for me, I am kind of person that usually overwhelming by the idea that pop a lot in my head, and being idealess mean like staring blankly into blank wall which so annoying and frustrating.

Okay I’ll stop whining around


Let start doing thing I love the most, other than cooking, writing, bragging haha, come on lets go with me wandering and getting lost. Well here it was, on my first January weekend, I start this brand new weekend spending quick quality time with my dearly girlfriend. Going to another route quite far from home and new for me, even though the area that we plan to meet are the famous and well known part of Madrid a.k.a tourist destination (to be honest, even though I just landing in Madrid almost a year now, but I am not really intrigue to explore any tourist area, actually in any place that I’ve been visit I rather to choose off-side of the road, I love empty road with charming neighbourhood that will satisfying feast for my eyes), but the highlight of that day was I meet my dearly friend to catch up some story, sharing laugh and of course eating.


We already plan this meeting since last year, in December to be exact, and that is count last year right? I was whining to her how I miss to eat sushi so much, and looking for company to have that dishes. Sushi could be challenging for someone that not really keen to eat something raw, I remember the first time I had it, it was back in Jakarta, I had this fresh generous salmon sashimi that melted in my mouth (slice of raw salmon in chunky cut) serve together with generic edamame also several pieces of sushi roll, and hit me, got in love ever since. Even though I couldn’t enjoy it often, the first reason was not all my friend were fan of sushi even I don’t mind had it alone when I can’t hold the urge and second cliche reason I was busy back then haha.


The place called Miss Sushi, during looking for the route to get there I found that the place was quite interesting, with purple vibrant decoration not kind of place I could imagine to have some sushi, hmm Interesting place let see, I love the idea of going to random place it was like taking a bet, you could either find a good amazing place or really opposite of it, that is what I call enjoy the journey and taking a thrilled. Back to my story, the place was took place near to Santa Ana, just meter away from crowded Sol Madrid.

Madrid was okay that day, not too crowd or empty, just perfect for me. And here I am in Santa Ana square, quite nice place not to crowd for touristy place, it was quite surprise me when my friend telling me that this place actually foreigner area that well known for tourist. Standing in front of the shop, hmm the place is look like a club, with black heavy curtain in the front door, once I am passing that heavy curtain I was welcomed by deep purple interior with typical European furniture in purple. Jazzy music was playing in the back ground while we be guided to our table (we make reservation online, just in case of long queue, since it was weekend in touristy area, could be challenge to just enter some restaurant, it was quite cheap though full course for 20 Euro, wait until I was saw the menu)

My eyes and my mind was on feast to enjoy the contradiction, I was not stopping told my friend how contradiction this place was (which I love, as contradicted as I am). And they gave us the menu list, wow the price really come with quite good choices, some fusion sushi (with adapted recipe, one that I had there was dried tomatoes as ingredient), there were option for started which I choose my favourite Wakame salad (it is seaweed, I love the crunchiness and the edge of ocean taste with hint of sesame oil) they also serve gyoza, miso soup and shrimp tempura. For second menu I choose California mix with salmon (serve with option salmon or tuna), the third menu I choose rainbow sushi and choose Nutella sushi for dessert, which is taste quite odd for me, of they change the filling with the fresh mango it would taste better, almost similar to mango sticky rice, hmmm this got me quite an idea *haha.


Overall this place was a good place to hang out, but for the dishes, I already have this small unpopular restaurant, that only serve take away but the serve really fresh sushi with reasonable price. For the hangout I might be back, even though the sushi was just okay. The main part is to meet your friend and spend small amount of quality time was priceless to me. Also the highlight was, they have really beautiful bathroom *haha


Love from Madrid

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