Tortilla de Patatas

After knew that I was about move to Spain, first thing I research was what? obviously FOOD of course, while the rest of family was juggling to learn Spanish I was on deep researching what was Food culture in Spanish, while I also already knew few from some TV program I was addict to, program like Spain on the road again, Jose Andres Spanish-American chef with Made in Spain, from Spain with love host by Annie Sibonney, and there are one more program that I forgot the name of it and also the host, but it was about culinary adventure in the kitchen world best restaurant, revealing their method and their ideology, one of them was ElBulli, the legendary restaurant from Spain that introduce Molecular Gastronomy run by Ferran Adrià, which I admire him a lot and his daughter, Personally I am not interesting on Molecular cuisine, but who know in the future. Right now my passion is still on rustic traditional recipe and slightly vegan digger.


Back to this recipe, I was tried several recipe for this dishes back home but always end up disaster, turn mess everywhere, until end up okay might be I’ll give it a rest haha. Until then I finally move here, and having some conversation with my dearly friend. She gave me this generic recipe in Spanish *previously the recipe I tried was adapted, and finally I gave it another tried, and woooww how it turn out beautifully. Even still everything is base on my preference, specifically I love everything that have an egg in it haha, so to be ever make this recipe correctly is satisfied me. To conquer difficult recipe is always bring me such thrilled and adrenaline rush, Like how finally I can make some French Macaron correctly haha. Even I can’t say that this recipe is difficult.

And all you need are


serve 6


  • 5 egg (whisk lightly, my note is don’t over mix the egg so you would get soft interior texture of this dishes, this is also work for my scramble and frittata recipe)
  • 3 big size potatoes, slice it thin, not necessary super thin
  • 1 onion, slice it roughly
  • 1 tsp mix of good quality garlic powder and perejil (parsley)
  • 1 small can good quality tuna ( this is my twist, you can omit it if you want the classic version)
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • pinch white pepper (or base on your preference, free to explore yourself)
  • Sun flower oil to fried the potatoes


  1. In medium size fried pan under medium heat, put the sun flower oil until it sizzling hot. And fried the slice potatoes in batch, until it translucent and soft, take it out from the hot oil and set aside. In last batch put inside the onion and fry it together with the potatoes.
  2. Beat the egg together with tuna, garlic powder, parsley, salt and pepper mix it slightly, don’t over beat it.
  3. Put inside the fried potatoes and onion to egg mixture, and stir it just until the mixture come together.
  4. In medium heat, put the medium size fried pan that already coating thinly with light olive oil then put the egg and potatoes mixture.
  5. After around 5-6 minute take a peek of the bottom egg mixture, after it develop golden brown skin, and here is the trick, cover the pan with the plate, the plate must be bigger than the pan, and flip it carefully. Return back the egg mixture to the pan carefully, right now the golden brown skin part is in the top of the pan. If you have a difficulties to return the mixture back to the pan because of some sticking part in plate, you can push it slowly using spatula. And return to the heat for another 5-6 minute until it golden brown.
  6. Take out from the heat and ready to enjoy, I usually serve this with any vegetable side dish.
  7. Yummm


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