Grilled Smoke Chicken Paprika

I love anything smokey, smokey salmon, smokey chicken, smokey eyes you name it haha. I got this really great great impression on anything smokey, it is all started because of smokey salmon, of course obviously should start from food. This is my story, hmm well long long time ago when I  was still being happy engineer, I was on business trip to Dublin Ireland, while there I was staying in this cozy rustic cottage boutique hotel, best hotel I ever staying, even though I forgot the name of the hotel. They serve this beautiful breakfast, well this breakfast I remember very well, I even still remember the taste and the smell of this breakfast, they are Smokey salmon omelet, they serve it in really big proper portion, I share it with my friend because it was too much for me, I eat a lot but even me have maximum capacity hehe. I still remember the soft and silky smoke salmon combine with this fluffy delicate egg, I am good on erasing unnecessary memories from my brain but not this food, this omelette make me obsessed with smoke salmon, but so far,  I haven’t find any smoke salmon that have similar taste to it, it just mild not too salty smoke salmon, so silky that literally melted in my mouth (every time I walked to a store and find any smoke salmon from any brand I’ll bought it and taste it, and end up back again to those beautiful breakfast memories and got disappointed just because the smoke salmon not as I expected, odd, you can see how obsessive I am to smoke salmon haha). Am I bubbling again? I think so, well lets back to my Grilled smoke chicken.


I creating this recipe accidentally (well I can said most of the time I creating some of my recipe accidentally outcome of my laziness), sometime I just so lazy and want everything so quick. During grocery shopping I found this smoke paprika that put a lot excitement to my inner cooker, and creating this recipe, it was just turn out so beautiful, such a match to texture and mildness of chicken meat. Resulting juicy chicken meat, with mild smokiness from the smoke paprika and hint of soft spiciness.

Then in the another next day and next day, I walked to my trusted fruit and vegetable store I used to shop, Taraaa they introduce me to this artisan smoke paprika that limited made, not big scale produce brand, it even don’t have any brand, the smell is beautifully pungent and delicate at the same time, I have no words to describe it and they have this spicy just like the way I love it (there are two option the spicy and mild one). What I notice is, how different the end result of the product when you made it exclusively and compare it to the mass produce, I think there is sense of love if you made something with your hand.

We enjoy the grilled chicken with pita bread I got, but you can always enjoy it with anything you want, from brown rice, simple Aglio olio pasta or even you can enjoy it with savoury oatmeal breakfast with companied some tomatoes salsa and dice cucumber hmm could be fresh breakfast, since this recipe is really quick it will be work for quickly breakfast or speedy in hurry weekdays dinner.

Here all you need




  • 1 skinless chicken breast (slice them into 2 pieces with quite thin similar thickness so you can grilled them fast)
  • Pinch of flake sea salt (I found that flake sea salt have milder saltiness compare to regular fine sea salt)
  • 1/2 tsp white pepper
  • 2 clove of garlic, grated them into paste (I used 1 tsp good quality garlic powder)
  • 1/2 tsp dried flat leaf parsley (fresh one also work with this recipe)
  • 1 tsp good quality smoke paprika
  • 1 tbs light olive oil


Just blend all the ingredient together, marinated them 10-15 minute. Into high heat, put medium size pan, after the pan are sizzling hot, put the marinated chicken into the pan, grilled them 4-6 minute each side (depend on how thick your chicken, raw chicken is big no no), grilled them until golden brown, rest them in several minute before serve. Enjoyyy


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