Blueberry Matcha Oatmeal Breakfast

I have this dished in my mind for quite few days, dancing in my eyes begging me to enjoy it, but I don’t have some time to making it, even though it is quick to make it. Matcha, Asian ingredient that become so famous lately, we can almost find it on every dessert recipe, it is so versatile, delicate flavour and healthy, even though I prefer to enjoy green tea in real form.


I must saying that I am big big fan of green tea, more than a coffee, even though since moving to Spain, I don’t know why I become addicted to coffee too, I found this delicious coffee shop that I used to enjoyed with my girl friends, coffee with milk and little sugar hmmmm, usually I got this stomach problem every time I enjoy coffee, due to their acidity that triggering my hyperactive stomach acid, but seem it getting better, which is good, but I don’t know if trying the coffee in any other shop, well this experiment on coffee is really agenda that I am looking forward next year.

Back to my green tea addiction, I’ll get this anxiety  when knowing, that I running out of stock (yes that addiction is so bad hehe), usually I bought bunch of them and storing them in fancy jar *wink, I enjoy them 4-5 cup a day, more if I still woken up till late, this drink is one of thing that some time put me a guilty because I consume it too much. Before married and having children, I drink it even much more, because it keep me alert during my crazy working hour, they have some effect as coffee even though have less caffeine compare to coffee, and the bad thing is it will work your metabolism like crazy, I was stay thin even though I ate like person that doesn’t consume any food for a week, in my youth it quite depress me, because I don’t have that kind of curve haha. But now that bad thing is what I looking for, I want to work my metabolism in healthy way (I don’t like working out, please 2017 be kind to me, and  wish I become in love to working out for the sake of my healthy), and the good thing is, after regularly consuming green tea (I enjoy it with ginger and lemon) my skin becoming so smooth and soft, I got some issue with dry skin and sometime its hurting when it get dried. One thing that I also find out, since green tea is working on metabolism it helping me to combat this cold weather during Madrid winter, it keep me warm during my daily walking routine, I even sweating under my thin layer of coat.

Back to this recipe, I cooked it with blueberry, quick cook oatmeal and half teaspoon of matcha (I got it from asian store that I regularly visit once a month, and thankfully there are bunch of them in Madrid, I love Madrid hehe). Here all you need


SERVER 1 generous portion


  • Handfull of oatmeal
  • 1/2 tsp matcha powder
  • 10 blueberry (frozen or fresh)
  • 150 ml almond milk
  • 1 tbs raw honey
  • pinch of salt
  • Fresh fruit or frozen fruit, healthy seed or nuts,  as topping as your preference (Mine are frozen raspberry, blueberry, banana and chia seed)


Mix the oatmeal, 10 blueberry, matcha powder and almond milk into small sauce pan, put the pan under medium heat, cooked them until soft, put in the pinch of salt and take out from heat, mix in the honey. Serve them in beautiful plate and topping them with fruits you desire

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