Spicy Braised Squid Head

Honestly, I am not really fan of squid, hmm not really love the taste which I think is quite plain and if you are not cooking it correctly it would be tough as a rubber band *uppss disaster. But I don’t know why, during this routine grocery store walk, I found a temptation when seeing fresh shinny squid head, rather sexy to me haha, okay then I bag 1/2kg of it, even though not really know what I want to do with it.

But I have this little lady that never afraid to taste any strange food, so I gambling wishing she would love to eat this squid head haha. And come to my surprise after picking up her from school, yes-yes in the morning before school usually I’ll let her know my schedule and asking if let say she want some specific thing she want me to cook for today or some specific food she want to enjoy, usually it is not far from fruit and her dinner, then I share a story to her what I bought during today grocery shopping, and she was so exciting to hear I am about cooking the head of the squid *pfiuuh.


As far I know, there is two ways to cook head of squid, you have to cook it in high heat and quick so the meat wont getting tough or cooked them slowly in medium heat until it soft and edible hehe. Between that the squid will become tough as a rubber and I tried both method to see which one I prefer. From those experiment, turn out, I don’t really like the quick and fast one, it was soft and taste pleasant but it just don’t fit me, so I decided to cooked it longer more, more less 25 minute longer and BAM it taste super good, it taste intensified from the broth that came out during braising.

And while waiting for that good amount 25 minute you can listen to your favourite song and pull out your killer dancing move *wink shake those booty babe, that is the reason why I always getting lost when cooking haha *Nah don’t listen to me, back to be serious, yuhuuu


On seasoning I just keeping it simple, I think you would notice, that I always have this basic garlic, shallot and chilli in my recipe, they never let me down and just turn everything becoming simply beautiful, it also what I am doing to this my braised recipe. And what makes me happy, my little girl asking for similar dishes in the next day, even though it was a bit too spicy for her, she said, she would still taking it because she loving it. We enjoy it with spicy nero pasta from previous post but you can also enjoy it with fluffy brown rice if you want to and add some fresh Arugula leaf (I love this salad leaf because there is spiciness and hint of meaty taste to it)

Back to the kitchen, and here all you need


SERVE 2 Generous portion to be enjoy with warm rice


  • 1/2 kg plump squid head (fresh, stay out from the frozen zone this time , during cooking the squid will release the water that make the dishes taste so rich with ocean taste)
  • 3 garlic clove, crush it and chop them roughly so it wont getting burn easily
  • 1 medium size french shallot
  • 1-2 fresh cayenne pepper, seed out, dice them finely (I know, it will put you in a pain, but believe me it will make the dishes look beautiful, or you can chop them base on your preference, ah don’t forget to not rubbed your eyes, yes?)
  • 1 hand full fresh parsley, chop them finely
  • pinch of salt
  • pinch of white pepper
  • 1 tbs light olive oil to sautéed the spice


  1. In medium heat, put medium size pan, after sizzling hot, put inside olive oil, garlic, french shallot and cayenne pepper, sautéed them until fragrance
  2. After the spice getting really fragrance, put in the squid head, just leave them there for good amount of 30 minute or until it tender, covered the pan. Before taking it out from the heat, scatter the parsley onto it. Cooked it for 2-3 more minute
  3. If you want to make the quick version, put the pan under really hot high heat, watch your garlic don’t burn them, it will taste awfully bitter when it get burn, the step are same as above method, but just take them out after the squid change in colour (more less 4-5 minute)
  4. Serve them with brown rice or with pasta like I have and complement them with any salad leaf you prefer




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