BlackForest Vegan Oatmeal Porridge

Woaaa I’ve been ate good amount of my homey comfort food these days, winter oh winter it is really comforting to have meal that close to my heart, meaning it was fatty, meaty, juicy and yummy food, some that I’ve been enjoy are my Indonesian delicious delicacy Beef Rendang and kind of Indonesian stew that contain potatoes in thick sweet soy sauce broth, I enjoy every bite of it even though my body start complaining and asking a bit more healthier food, what? though I nourishing my body with good doze of green tea and bunch fruit, but still, some said, when you eat crap you’d feel like crap, and that is what I feel now. Even though I am not regret it, and mindfully enjoy in every chew of it.


This oatmeal porridge teasing me bad since yesterday, even though I personally not really like chocolate, but I am in serious mission to change my mind and learn to loving it. My son is really love chocolate but he only ate dark chocolate as well as my little lady, any milky sweet chocolate will not work for them, which is sometime make me relieved so I no need to worried about the sugar intake *Grin hehe.

This porridge turn out quite work for me, it was warm, chocolatey and freshness of the topping really helping me to like it even more. I just put what I can found in my kitchen stock as a topping, I put kiwi, cherry (it is black forest inspired), flake dried coconut, chia seed and grated dark chocolate. Seeing how the dark chocolate melted in my porridge was quite moment for me *foodporn alert


Here all you need if you want to tried them


SERVE 1 generous portion


  • 2 handfull quick cook oatmeal
  • 100ml almond milk
  • 1 tsp good quality cocoa powder
  • 2 tsp brown sugar (you can used honey or maple syrup, but I really want to used brown sugar in this recipe)
  • 30 gram dark chocolate bar (I am using 82% dark chocolate) and some more to be grated as a topping
  • Fresh Topping as your preference
  • It would be even more beautiful if you have vanilla pod to be added


Put all the ingredient together in small sauce pan (except the chocolate bar) under medium heat, cooked them until soft and beautifully fragrance, take out from the heat and mix in the dark chocolate bar, stir it well with the porridge.

Topping them with your preference freshness




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