My Ultimate Simple Tomatoes Salsa

This recipe is one of recipe that I made quite often, anytime I don’t know what to eat and need some of high light freshness on my dishes this recipe will always work and never let me down, meaning evoking my appetite. Or on my bad day that I need some slap in my face  I’ll add a lot chilli in this recipe and I’ll be happy as fool person again *yeah I really relay my happiness on food, the addiction is so bad haha.


No work hard needed on this recipe, the only hard work you need is maybe deseeding the tomatoes and chilli, also dicing them finely. I love this contrast and bursting flavour that create by it, it feel like there is a party in my mouth, from the fresh sweet-sour tomatoes (I rather choose cherry tomatoes, because I do not need to deseeding it, I am lazy I know *sorry to myself), spicy bitterness of french shallot and the slap hit from spicy chilli, yum yummm.


Usually I enjoy this recipe with blanch veggie, grilled asparagus, plain brown rice, savoury oatmeal, I even sometime just digging on it *don’t forget to brush your teeth if you do the same thing haha, you’d be know after you read the ingredient

Okay, clap your hand and lets go to the kitchen



  • 5-6 firm fresh tomatoes cherry, dice it to 8 small cube, don’t choose the overripe tomatoes because it would be too much water in it (or 1 medium size red tomatoes, seed out and dice them finely as your preference)
  • 1 fresh red cayenne pepper or the green one, freely to choose, seed out and dice it finely (if you want super hot, you always can add some more chilli or even bird eye chilli, owwh spicy)
  • 1/2 medium size french shallot, dice it super finely
  • 1 tbs fresh lemon juice
  • pinch of salt


Just mix all the ingredient together and serve it right away. Be careful to not rub your eyes and wash your hand properly after all the chilli *hehe. Enjoyy


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