Well, on this posting, I wont post any recipe, I’d just bubbling around, and why I create this fruit platter. I love fruit, and so the rest of the family, specially my daughter. She would wake up in the middle of the night and feeling hungry, woke me up and asking for slice apple, that is her. So I always have some fruit stock at home, other wise there is this little person would be nagging and annoy me so much, asking why I don’t have fruit stock *haha, which is quite funny.


That other day, I don’t have any mood to eat anything heavy, which is quite odd haha, and I have a bunch of ripen fruit that I need to enjoy it soon as possible otherwise it would be spoiled and I have to throw it away, which is thing I hate, throwing food away. Always tell to my kids, don’t ever throw your food, simply because in another side of place there would be people that would stay in hunger, which quite saddening for me.

Okay, to make everything interesting lets play with the presentation, we can’t denied that we eat through eyes, eating for me is like spiritual experience, where I’d be so grateful for every sense that I have. When you eat some food, most of all your sense are awoken, evoking your brain, experiencing something in your mouth even how strange it is, made you brain work with opinion and reaction, uhh-ahh moment *haha.


I love French people habit on enjoying meal, they could sit down for hours just to enjoy the food without any distraction. Me personally, I don’t really like eating while browsing with mobile phone, there is no sense of enjoyment in there, you just eat, feeling full and you done, that is all. There is no connection with the food you are just consume, haha forgive me, I learn this consciousness eating just recently where I want to connect with everything I have not just with food but with life in general.

Well this is just how I enjoying my fruit, when I show my daughter how I enjoy my fruit platter, she pouting, and asked me for the same platter haha. This just an idea, I hope you enjoy it, and also no much time you need to prepare it.



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