MY DIGESTION AID “Golden lemon water with chia seed”


This month I am going to post anything that I create for my digestion aid. I don’t know why with “spring”, I notice in a past 4 years spring always have something for me, in this beautiful season I always down cast as contradict I believe to all of you, which happily embracing the warmed weather. And when I feel down, I will do so much thinking which later on would be trigger my over flow stomach acid.

I starting taking some extra vitamin though, while also trying to take some fresh food as good as I could (like this recipe), trying eating even more healthy, taking care of myself.

I try to do some simple, easy, cheap recipe . Also this is what I think more important to do, as I tend to over thinking, the power of mind, for what I know is way much stronger than we thought, I always trying to think, that “this too shall pass and everything are going to be okay”, I know that my body have a power to healed it self, all I need to do is believing and nurture it the best I could.

This are my golden drink, Lemon water and chia seed, see so simple yet the benefit are load for my stomach, Lemon have a alkaline trait and chia seed will cooling my heartburn, I love this drink, and I think it suit to warm spring weather.

MY DIGESTION AID “Golden lemon water with chia seed”

Serve 2


  • 1 big organic lemon, extract the juice (divided into 2 glass)
  • 2 tsp organic stevia syrup (1 tsp for each glass) — but you can omit this if you don’t like it to be sweet
  • 2 tbs chia seed (1 tbs for each glass)
  • 4 raspberry — optional
  • 400ml water (I used mineral water than tap water, since i don’t have filtered water, 200ml for each glass)
  • 2 slice of lemon


  1. In glass, pour in 200ml of water, the lemon juice, stevia and chia seeds, stir it well. Put in lemon slice and raspberry.
  2. Store in a fridge for at least 1/2 hour, to soak the chia seeds. Believe me, cold soaking chia seeds are super delicious. My kids are crazy about it.
  3. Enjoy it cold

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