MY DIGESTION AID “Rooibos milk tea with chia seed”

Continuation from my previous post, and I still stick into chia seeds, actually I put it in my every drink. Maybe this recipe are quite dull for you, but it wont stop me from keep writing it hehe.

I love rooibos tea since I found it last year, technically it is not tea, it is herb that come from Africa. It benefiting to treat some digestion problem like bloating and colic in infant (from what I read), I don’t know, whether it only placebo effect for me or it is really beneficial on my digestion (because I believe it will better my digestion, since rooibos tea are not research medically) but my bloating and heartburn are get easier.

This recipe are adore by my kids, they think it is like their favourite bubble tea, but in fact instead of bubble I used chia seed, which I leave soaking in minimum 10-15 minute, it will change shape into tiny bubble like.

Those above are before and after adding plant-based milk, actually you can drink without milk, so up to your preference.

So shall we?

MY DIGESTION AID “Rooibos milk tea with chia seed”

Serve 2


  • 2 teabag rooibos tea
  • 300 ml hot water
  • 200ml plant based milk
  • 2 tsp organic stevia syrup
  • 2 tbs chia seed


  1. In two glass, put in each 150ml hot water and rooibos tea, infuse the water with the tea according the package.
  2. After the water are properly infused, put in the chia seed and stevia syrup, 1tsp of each glass, stir it really well. The chia seed tend to clumpy if you are not stirring it well. Leave it for 10-15 minute
  3. Lastly put inside the milk, 100ml each and stir it again.
  4. Ready to enjoy, you can enjoy it warm or cold.

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