What a ride on 2020, in this are one of the story.

I usually not worried much when my kids getting common cold, unless it really disturb their routine and they are complaining about it, because they usually not easily complain on thing if it not really bothering for them. Or if they are showing any symptom that irregular, then I would be worried.

But in the case of 2020, even with very mild symptom everyone going to get very alert. Which for me personally, I still do thing like I used to, observing the symptom and just be aware. If I see my kids still playing like crazy (jumping, running, talking non stop), eating like crazy and sleep well, so the flag are still yellow for me.

They got cold, on and off since start of autumn, but nothing worrying me, and then during late of autumn, my son start complaining for not being able to sleep well, because of coughing and stuffy nose. He was special since he was born, sensitive to cold and dust, those two thing will trigger all snize like crazy.

This recipe are super dead easy, and this are my son favourite. I made quite few variant of winter potion (like the on the next post) bu this one is everyone favourite, light in flavour, but do the amazing job to prevent, comfort and ease common cold. Here are the recipe.



  • 1 big size of lemon, squeeze the juice
  • 1-2 lime, squeeze the juice ( Depend on your preference of sharpness, you can add more for extra sharpness, and the trick are, to roll the lime into flat surface until soft when you push the skin, them half them and squeezed).
  • 2 cup of warm water.
  • Honey (depend on how much sweetness you want)


  1. This are what I mean by dead easy, Put the lemon and lime juice into 2 cup, then add warm water. After that, add some honey according your preference of sweetness.
  2. Et voila, that’s it, ready to serve.


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