HIBERNATE FOR A BIT (This time for my health/Illness reason)

Dear my lovely readers, as a summer approaching fast, I have this habit that weirdly I sustain long enough since I start to write this website. I would stop writing until very end of summer that resume when autumn came.

But this time thing quite different, I was experiencing never ending headache since starting of April, after it stay for almost 2 week and there no sign of getting well finally I did some check up. It was quite shock moment for me, when the doctor found quite big tumor in my brain. That I need some treatment as soon as possible or immediately if I must said to get rid of it, as for now I constantly suffer from the effects.

It is really honour to have all of you read my posts, posting some really heart warming comments. I have so much fun and joy to write and interact with all of you. I can’t wait to write back as soon as possible after I recover.

One of thing that struck me when first found out about my illness were, even though with life style that I tried to maintain, I can’t avoid this kind of illness.

Right now, I am waiting for surgery schedule, I wish for my recovery as soon as I could possibly imagine, and back to write here, to share some jokes or my recipes.

I really wish to see you here soon.

Take care everyone, especially at this weird moment that happen all over the world.


So sorry if you may find this super inconvenient, but I really appreciate your support my dear reader.


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