HIBERNATE FOR A BIT (This time for my health/Illness reason)

Dear my lovely readers, as a summer approaching fast, I have this habit that weirdly I sustain long enough since I start to write this website. I would stop writing until very end of summer that resume when autumn came.

But this time thing quite different, I was experiencing never ending headache since starting of April, after it stay for almost 2 week and there no sign of getting well finally I did some check up. It was quite shock moment for me, when the doctor found quite big tumor in my brain. That I need some treatment as soon as possible or immediately if I must said to get rid of it, as for now I constantly suffer from the effects.

It is really honour to have all of you read my posts, posting some really heart warming comments. I have so much fun and joy to write and interact with all of you. I can’t wait to write back as soon as possible after I recover.

One of thing that struck me when first found out about my illness were, even though with life style that I tried to maintain, I can’t avoid this kind of illness.

Right now, I am waiting for surgery schedule, I wish for my recovery as soon as I could possibly imagine, and back to write here, to share some jokes or my recipes.

I really wish to see you here soon.

Take care everyone, especially at this weird moment that happen all over the world.


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