Welcome my dear reader, I can’t express enough my gratitude to be able come back here. To cooked again, to write again, with my current situation this are such a huge blessing. I will give brief update with my health condition.

I finally got surgery to remove tumour in my brain on May, which thing got a bit complicated, some of my nerve were remove to saved my brain artery, as a collateral, I got temporary paralysed on my left side (the tumour were on my right side of the brain), I have to hospitalised for almost 3 month including the rehabilitation, as for now I able to walked with support but my left hand are still in recovery, half function but better bit by bit, bunch of gratitude.

There are a lot of things I could learn from this illness, on how to appreciate process, be patient, for not taking anything for granted, for trying in the best effort I could done in order not to pursued perfectionism, and most important thing are being present and mindful.

And as for now on, I open for donation to support my exploration, and for that, I truly feel grateful for your endless support, for staying here, reading my content, I can’t express enough how this support matter a lot to me, please be patience with me, I will update the new recipe really-really soon.

A lot of love and hug

So sorry if you may find this super inconvenient, but I really appreciate your support my dear reader.


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