Hello again, I will still hyping how happy I am to be able come back here. Although might be I want to ask a bit forgiveness to asked for donation in my page now, I also super open with partnering in my page now.

During my long stay in hospital how I crave bright food that would lift my mood, I was a bit depressed during my stay in hospital, creating food always be the highlight of my day, and being away from my kids make me feel devastated, missing them everyday, physically demanding rehabilitation, but luckily my husband stayed with me a long the way.

A bit back up story about this dishes, I love Korean food for it brightness, just like awakening dishes that will open your eyes by it freshness by balance of sour, sweet, savouriness and most importantly by it spiciness, yuummm.

So once I able to independently cooked on myself again, I cooked all my favourite dishes that I missed a lot, and this one are super simple with rich flavour from the gochujang, vamos cocido conmigo,


Serve 2 light version


  • 1/2 size onion, dice it, not necessarily fine, just dice it according your preference.
  • 2 big size garlic, crush and chopped.
  • 1 tbs gochujang (unfortunately you can’t replace this ingredient as this ingredient are the star of the show).
  • 1 plate of cold rice approximately enough for 2 serve
  • 4-5 stalk of broccolini, remove the hard stem and slice half
  • 1 tsp mushroom powder (or replace it with vegetable stock) it is look like here ON SEASONING.
  • Sea salt and pepper on your preference, the mushroom powder are salty so be gentle on the salt.
  • Pinch of sugar as a balance
  • 2 tbs olive oil (light or extra virgin, choose according your preference)


  1. In medium heat and medium non stick pan, put inside the olive oil, crush garlic and dice onion, sautéed until fragrance, then put inside the gochujang, continue to sautéed through until homogenous, then put inside the broccolini, continue to stir until the broccolini soften up.
  2. When the Broccolini are soften up put inside the rice, stir through while also put others seasoning salt, pepper, mushroom powder (vegetable stock cube, by crushing it), pinch of sugar.
  3. Stir thoroughly, then don’t forget to give it a taste and corrected accordingly.
  4. When everything mix beautifully take out from the heat and ready to serve.

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