On seasoning, this are hot topic as maybe I often mention ingredients that sound peculiar or maybe not often used, even us in Indonesia. Things like turmeric leave (I used this leaves to season my curry or “Gulai” we called it), then galangal, fingerroot, Indonesian bay leaves. Some of these peculiar ingredient, are not available in Asian store here in Madrid, SO every time we holidaying back home, I would bring some fresh ingredient to freeze or being dried.

I will elaborate my staple kitchen seasoning, which actually not much. I would say very basic, sea salt and pepper (black pepper and white pepper with occasionally peppercorn for some specific dishes).

I would often used vegetarian stir fried, which available in most Asian store here. The lucky point are, Asian food are becoming such a hype here, which it is make looking for Asian ingredient are much more easier compare to 4-5 years a go, in my first year moving to Spain.

Then I would used soy sauce, unfortunately I haven’t find any significant and distinctive brand, why I said this. I am in this finishing my last batch of Japanese soy sauce (I don’t know it brand, all are in Japanese both words and letters) which it is so delicious and flavourful and fragrance, and when it would finish I don’t know where to find it more. As my palette adjusting into it deliciousness, the bar are getting high. Usually I used my soy sauce as a base, salty based that later on I would balance it with brown sugar, which it would become salty-sweet sauce, the lucky part to overcome highest bar on seasoning, I still able to used my “Indonesian sweet soy sauce” which basically different sauce but give similar function. This ingredient lately also available in my local Asian store here in Madrid.

And as we Asian, are prone to used extra seasoning, I also not an exception. We called it added Umami flavour, something like MSG loaded ingredient haha. I am not against MSG, but I have other way to have Umami, which also MSG in another form as it Mushroom powder. I will attached the picture as followed.

I also occasionally used oyster sauce, but later I replace it with my vegetarian sauce. It is almost similar in flavour as I couldn’t said any different after it merge with other ingredient. The slight distinctive different are, the gentle ocean flavour are what I missed, which this I would discussed about it as followed.

In continuation from above paragraph, as I missed gentle ocean flavour, I have another ingredient to replace it. We Indonesian also often used shrimp paste, we called “Terasi” or Balachan for Malay. I replace this ingredient with dried wakame for stir fried or in Sambal and kombu stock for soupy dishes. Eventually all this plant based are more or less bring me peace, the magic of food, it could bring comfort, peace and survival of course *sigh.

Other ingredient that I really love to used are cinnamon, in both stick or in ground form. I love to add this on anything, from soup to porridge. The stick I used are mostly very easy to get access, I easily find it in supermarket or in fruteria (Spanish fruit and vegetable shop).

Then other spices I really love to used are cloves, I always have this in cupboard. Then coriander, for coriander there are some tip from my mom on how to used it, we always pan roasted it before any used, to maximised it potential fragrance. As well as cumin, fennel and star anise, always pan roasted before every used.

As occasional adventure I also love to tried some mix spices, I would show as follow. Yea.. mostly are Thai, which I love Thai food so much as it are the closes flavour to home.

This post are definitely are going to grow as I still adventuring on flavour, so I would constantly put an update for specifically this post.

But so far, that is it. Take care everyone.

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