Sweet Oatmeal Porridge

I still remember my old days, when I had to did some diet to lower cholesterol level in my blood, that was really thing that I hate, I don’t like dieting, which was set a limitation on what I can and can’t eat. Personally I am kind person with big appetite, uppss, I tend to eat and had this eagerness to try any food, from looking delicious food to bad food which might be for some people are consider gross. If some people are having adventure on any extreme way, my adventure was eating strange food, and in Indonesia, we have quite big range of strange food, like beef feet curry, beef brain curry, animal intestine, ugghhh see?

But later on in my life, with this consciousness to taking care of my own health and respect it, slowly I began to eat more healthy food, even  I still having some really gross food occasionally hehe. We, human tend to taking our healthy body for granted and when we hit by the reality that we got certain illness, everything will be upside and down, that is what I tried to avoid.

Since I moving to Madrid, there is no more snacking paradise like in my hometown, Jakarta, we can find any food stall every 100-500m in Jakarta, and most of them are not healthy, so since I’ve been in here, I cut all junk food because no provider haha. And obviously I feel a lot better, feeling more energise, feeling more healthier and bonus of dropping body weight, which is awesome, I still eat a lot but just more healthier, and I think is good to have this kind of change, so my kids can adopt this the way of life.

Even though you still can find any un-healthy food like bomb of sugar, fatty food, but I don’t know, I just become not really interested anymore, and specially my daughter she is like the police patrol for my unhealthy eating habit, which was sometime put me in shame haha. She don’t really like sugar, even sometime she still ate candy for just left it after few lick, she don’t really like fast food, the only fast food that she loved to eat is Pizza, she smoothie addict, she addict to fruit and annoy me so much if I don’t have any stock fruit in our home, she also enjoy vegetable and eager to tried any strange vegetable. I have a story, when I was really really want to eat burger, and I ask my daughter to accompanied me to go get some burger, she just straight see me and said she don’t want to eat burger instead she want me to cook her some home cooking meals, and said she will companied me to go get some burger but she wont eat it, I feel like being strike by lightening haha and she just 4, literally.

Basically I don’t really like oatmeal because it taste like slurry disgusting food haha, sorry. But with a bunch of benefit that carry by it, I have to be creative so I can eagerly enjoy and loving it. I used to made some of savoury oatmeal recipe, since I prefer something that savoury than sweet, and I will post some savoury oatmeal recipe in the next post. With me,  with a lot time to explore since arrive here, I becoming more experimental person, and found out that sweet oatmeal can be good with some fresh ingredient, specifically for the sweetener, In this recipe I using some honey and over ripe banana as a sweetener and it turn out so beautiful by not overly sweet the porridge, this outcome of the experiment make me want to play with the sweet porridge recipe. Since I found that normal milk make me feel bloating and give me heart burn sometime due to I have this overproduce stomach acid which can be triggered by consuming animal base milk, then I tried to used almond milk instead and BAM it make the porridge even more beautiful, it is like add some sweet nuttiness to the porridge, I haven’t tried to used any plants base milks instead of almond milk, but I intrigue to give it a tried sometime.

And here all you need, I have this two recipe follow, the first recipe I was using banana as sweetener and honey for second recipe.


Serve 1



  • 1 handful roll oatmeal or any oatmeal you got in hand
  • 1 over ripe banana, mashed it (I prefer over ripe banana, because it made very  fragrance porridge)
  • 5-7 fresh or frozen raspberry
  • 100ml almond milk  or any plant base milk
  • Any fresh, dried or frozen fruit you got in hand for topping, I used some banana, raspberry and pomelo candy


  1. In medium heat put small sauce pan, put inside the oatmeal, mashed banana, raspberry and almond milk, cooked them until the oatmeal are soft.
  2. Platting them to beautiful plate and lift them up with beautiful topping, quick, easy and delicious, really fit for stressful weekdays breakfast, I always love and longing for breakfast time, so it never stressful for me haha.


Serve 1



  • 1 handfull roll oatmeal or any oatmeal you got in hand
  • 100ml almond milk or any plant base milk
  • 1 tbs raw honey
  • Any fresh, dried or frozen fruit you got in hand for topping, I used some banana, coconut flake, pomelo candy, raspberry and almond, the almond create extra texture of crunchiness which is awesome


  1. In medium heat put small sauce pan, put inside the oatmeal and almond milk, cooked them until the oatmeal are soft.
  2. Platting them to beautiful plate and lift them up with beautiful topping

Enjoyy, I think later will give quite a lot recipe similar to this, since I really love this new discovery.

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