Happy new year, Even though personally I am not celebrate new year for so many reason, but still happy new year for all of you !!!! XOXO

Right to the point, The reason why I create this recipe are, I am craving for capers, that edgy salty oceanic taste of capers are my favourite. I don’t like pickle, not until I found capers, then I am trying another pickle that will give me same slap as capers, then I love baby gherkin and olive (black olive). Pickle are abundant here, while back in my home country, usually I have this cucumber and chilli pickle that traditionally made.


So I am thinking, how I can indulge on capers in really modest way, not just eating it right away from the jar *sigh haha, please give me a mercy. Move on

So I made myself arugula pesto, with what I have in my fridge, I love Arugula, the peppery taste with slight of meaty and savoury flavour are just made me close my eyes while devour it. But wait, my Pesto are also not authentic, that may be will make the Italian go mad hehe. Nonetheless I still loving it, that is what matter to me. And thing that  I don’t really like traditional pesto, made me looking the best fit for my palette, after all, I think the purpose of cooking is to please yourself, in any way *wink



Ready to get lost with me to Italian, beaches side? literally lost and get Italian mad *sigh


Serve 1 (for the pesto, store it in tight bottle in a fridge with 1 week life time)


ARUGULA PESTO (Blend it together into paste)

  • Handfull arugula (approximately 50 gram)
  • 2 tbs pine nut or handful roasted cashew
  • Fresh squeeze Juice from 1/2 lemon
  • 1/2 tsp sea salt
  • 1/2 clove of garlic
  • 4-5 tbs extra virgin olive oil


  • Bread from your favourite preference, toasted it
  • Arugula to top
  • Slice of avocado
  • Chilli flake
  • Squeeze of lime (only if you want)
  • Bunch of capers


Honestly speaking, just arrange it according your preference, today are all about free styling and do whatever you love



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