Wow it is really near end of year, tonight in fact, sad. I hate new year eve *hehe.  And for this recipe I am going to used egg, cheese, milk and butter, woww. I am not vegan, I told you, but my family preference are more to plant based, when I cooked ingredient that in fact come from animal I am going to cherished and treasure them. 

I miss to have this pancake, it was luxury to have them when I was child. All the reason I cooked this recipe. And this recipe are quite complicated, for me at least. I need a lot of patient to enjoy it, not as complicated as to make cake with buttercream but the longer you give a rest to the batter, the softer are the cake to be. 

I make two version of this pancake, one is the most traditional one, with chocolate, coarse grind nut, cheese and condense milk. For my infuse version, I used fresh fruit and dried one that include dried coconut flake and agave as a sweetener.  In few next post I am going to tried the vegan version and see how it turn. My kids not really into this snacking due to the sweetness, they were only eat the crust and plain without any topping which almost similar to pancake, only a lot fluffier. 

I am going to give step by step as elaborate as I could and I hope you could enjoy it. 


SERVE 4-5 medium whole pancake


  • 500 gram all purpose flour
  • 15 gram corn starch 
  • 100 gram unrefined sugar
  • 25 gram full cream milk powder (you can skip this and substite some of the water with full cream milk)
  • 250 ml full cream milk
  • 450 ml water
  • 10 gram baking soda
  • 1 tsp vanila paste or 1 tbs vanila extract
  • 3 egg
  • 50 gram thick coconut milk


  • Condense milk
  • Chocolate flake
  • Grate cheddar cheese
  • Butter
  • Coarse grind peanut (I used roasted hazelnut for more flavour)


  1. Mix all dried ingredient together in big bowl and make a hole in the midle, like you making fresh pasta.
  2. Put inside the egg, pour the water litle by litle while you stirring gently,  stirred  gently in outside movement. Continue with milk and coconut milk in a same way of stirring. In the end you will got smooth runny batter.
  3. This are the most part that need power and patient, whish lightly for 10 minute until the batter produce a bubble. Or you can used whisker in medium speed gently for 5 minute. I love manual love efford so I do it by hand.
  4. Give a batter rest for minimum 30 minute, the longer you give a rest to softer the cake are. I keep it overnight in a fridge, but let it warm in the next day before used the batter.
  5. After the batter ready. In thick bottom not stick pan and medium heat, let the pan really hot before pouring the batter. Used test by splash some water, if the water sizzling and quickly evaporate the pan are hot enough.
  6. Pour proximately 220-250 ml batter into the pan, and quick turning around to make a shell, as below step.
  7. Wait until there are bubble in top of the batter, then sprinkle lighly with sugar. Put the lid in a pan and cooked until the top are dried. Keep an eye on it, since it really quick to burn.
  8. Take off the cake from the pan, I used thin spatula to moving the bottom and put it in cutting board.
  9. While the cake hot rub with butter until it properly melted, as much as you want *hehe. Then sprinkle and put all your desired topping. Flipping in half moon and again rub a butter on it. Life is more good with butter isn’t it? 

The Step In a Picture

Mixed all the ingredient and make a hole in the middle
Cracked the egg and mix with the liquid slowly.
Stirred gently in outward moving.
Gently whisk for more less 10 minute, I know, I really have weird way to hold a whisker.
After the batter is pour into the pan, move quickly outside to create the shell.
When the bubble are appearing, sprinkle lightly with sugar and put the lid on cooked until the surface are dried.
Give a topping
Flip in a half moon. Rub with a lot butter.
My healthy version

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