Hello, seeing you again, it was a year already, and it is also almost the end of the year. Time, what it is magical being, if you are not paying attention pufff, it is gone, in a blink of an eyes.

And here I am trying so hard to make my time matter, I was spending this year, by having demanding physiotherapy related to my illness, I need to recover my damaged nerve, collateral damage from my brain surgery. I almost recover fully 60% function physically, bless that I couldn’t express through words. 

For the rest, I wrote not one but three books, even I surprised myself. I always wanted to write a book, 6-7 years ago, i thought the illness that I got going to be set back for me, but nope turn out I am in full blast after my difficult surgery, here is a book that wrote together with the link to purchase it. Thank you so much for patiently staying here with me. I couldn’t express how much it matter to me.

My first book are all about flexible vegetarian-vegan feasting, flexible enough for you that non vegan-vegetarian to convert it to your suitable preference.

Here is the link of the book, it is rich adventure that I gave myself by writing this website, documenting my kitchen diary, which I hope I could share my cultural food heritage to all of you my lovely reader.


The second book that I wrote was about the journey of finding myself. Here my introduction into this book. Which I hope you would enjoy the book as I enjoy to write it.

 ” I Would not categorised this book as self help book, since I don’t qualified, I don’t have the competence nor experience in this field. I bare my self vulnerably into this book. After last year event, the need to daring myself greatly are immensely materialised. Last year I was diagnosed with Brain Tumour, I grateful enough to be able discover it earlier, just in months different, my Neurologist said, I probably wont survive the Tumour, I still on my journey for recovery but I recover very well, beyond I would dare to expect. My nearly dead experience change my perspective so much on how to grow and thrive as person, I write this book as my therapy to survive my battle, as my personal magnifying glass of how imperfect full of flaw, I am as a person, and that what make me human. This book is my personal reflection of my growth and thriving journey as a person. Please enjoy a lot of my 50 cents”

Here is the link to the book


The last book that I wrote were about sweet, though I am not into sweet, I am not immune to sugar craving, and this book are my work around to my problem, haha, sugar without exactly huge amount of sugar. Here are the link to get the book.


I do really hope you would enjoy this collection, again, I got load of gratitude and be so much in grateful that you are staying here my dear reader. Load of love

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