Since I got my kids, I become obsessed with this nutrition things, I can become so nagging to them for eating random food, even though sometime I also not good example for them *how hypocrite haha, but what I thankful is, I can say my kids are kind of kids that have strong mind and opinion which I respected so much, and easy to convince when I explain to them the benefit of certain food, I starting to explain to them from young age, I don’t care do they understand me or not, but now I can see the effect on their eating habit, even though I still fighting on their sugar intake, they like candy, which kid doesn’t like candy huff *some say I am crazy for explain food nutrition to toddler haha


This dishes was meant to accompanied the sautéed veggies that I just posted earlier, to be enjoy with brown rice, yeah brown rice, I think you know that brown rice is standard kitchen staple at our house, just typical Asian kitchen *haha. I choose brown rice, because that is the healthiest rice I got in Madrid, back home I used to consume this black rice and red rice, which full of nutrient and fiber.

I first tried this Thai inspired marinated recipe was for grilling my chicken breast, since arrive here in Madrid, I don’t know why, I becoming even more strict for what I am cooking and consume, we choose sustainable fish, lean meat and consume it in rare occasion usually when kids requested specifically, more focused on fruit and veggies or any plant base food, maybe because I found a lot of new ingredient that I never found back to my home country, I let my kids to tried as much as different fruit and veggies, and let them telling me their opinion which are they prefer to consume, still on going progress for this, I just tried my best.

Back to this recipe, this recipe is easy peasy, and you can store for any extra, you can used it for beef steak, lean chicken meat, fishes and one thing that I want to tried is putting it on vegetable and then grilled them, sound yummy.

Here all you need


Serve 3 individual portion


  • 3 good quality salmon fillet-I broke my salmon, furious lion in charge for cooking haha (tried to find the sustainable one if possible)


  • 1 french shallot
  • 3 garlic clove
  • 1 red chilli, seed out (if you want it more spicy, add the chilli with seed in, all depending on your preference)
  • finger thumb size ginger
  • finger thumb size galangal (omit it of you don’t have, but this ingredient would be add some freshness and savoury to the dishes, you can find this ingredient in Asian grocery store)
  • handfull of coriander leaf
  • 2-3 kefir lime leaf
  • 1 tbs light soy sauce
  • 1 tbs light olive oil
  • 1 tsp brown sugar


  1. Into the blender, put all the marinated ingredient, if you have difficulties to blend them, add 2-3 tbs of water, blend them smoothly
  2. Marinated to the salmon, and let it rest for at least 30 minute
  3. Under the hot grilled, grilled the salmon 4 minute each side, I love the undercook salmon, for the soft and chewy salmon texture, you can also grill it for 5 minute each side to making it well done, but all depend on the size of your fillet.
  4. Easy right, when your kids queuing behind you, and repeatedly telling that they are hungry, this dishes certainly stress free
  5. You can also able to replace the salmon into any other protein base.

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