Hands up spicy food lover, I love love love spicy food, well someone like it hot certainly, and the freedom of cooking your own food is you can set the spiciness as spicy as you want, just test your limit, I did it once, it ended by the dead of my tastebud for several minute, and definitely don’t want to re do it, I am keen to put an experiment for myself haha.


Being a fan of Asian food meaning I would delighted to explore abundant recipe from every corner of Asia region, and here I am, Korea. Korean food are very famous in Indonesia, specially their spicy noodle and kimchi. Kimchi are Korean heritage, it is healthy with complex taste, that is from my point of view, it is taste fresh, salty, sour fermented taste. This recipe, I can’t say it is original, but this is quick and ready to eat in a matter of hour, compare to the original recipe that you need it to ferment for days.


I got the recipe from Seonk young longest Instant Kimchi, beautiful lady. I just add a lot more chilli into my recipe and adding dried bird eye chilli, so this recipe would be even more hotter than the original, but you can always adjust into your personal preference. I also omit the fish sauce from the original recipe, since I tried to change side into plant based eater *sign


I enjoy this instant kimchi with my mother tofu soup, you can take a look the recipe here MY MOTHER TOFU SOUP, and some noodle, I know, I can’t live without my full of carbohydrate main dishes haha.

So here is my adaption of Seonk young longest recipe



  • 1 Kg Napa Cabbage
  • 2 cup of cold water
  • 4 tbs himalayan salt or sea salt (himalayan salt give different taste of savouriness into this recipe, since I omit the fish sauce, I need the cabbage to be salty and savoury enough)
  • 5 clove of garlic, mince them really fine
  • 5-6 dried bird eye chilli, crush them
  • 2 spring onion, slice them 7-8 cm, so you got chunk of slice spring onion
  • 5 tbs Gochugaru, it is Korean Chilli flake, the taste are not the same with store bough or normal chilli flake, this ingredient are specific that would give the real taste of kimchi
  • 2 tbs apricot jam
  • 1 tbs toasted sesame seed


  1. Quarter whole Napa cabbage and remove the stem. Cut the Napa cabbage in 8-10 cm and put them in a big bowl, wash clean them in running cold water. In measurement cup, put 2 cup of cold water and put inside the Himalayan salt.
  2. Put in salt mixture into the bowl of Napa Cabbage, let them rest for at least 40 minute, toast upside down the cabbage in the half way through of the resting time.
  3. While waiting for the cabbage ready, lets make the kimchi base. In small bowl mix the rest of ingredient, except toasted sesame seed. Mic them together and stir thoroughly until become paste consistency.
  4. After 40 minute of resting, rinse the cabbage and wash them until clean in running cold water, texture of the cabbage will be still crunchy and taste salty.
  5. Mix the cabbage, toasted sesame seed and kimchi paste thoroughly, until well blended. And your kimchi are ready. For any extra kimchi, please store it in container box and put it in fridge, still  fresh for a week.
  6. Enjoy with noodle, boiled broccolini and your kimchi, sprinkle with extra toasted sesame seed. Yumm



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