If you can embrace the sun, will you love the cold winter?

I feel grateful, I can said that I’ve been through a lot of rough path, the path that educate me with a lot of things, some of the things I could learn are, There are a lot of things I can learn from my surrounding, I can listen to, Bad thing are not necessarily bad thing if we see it from another perspective, all are matter of perspective, instead mourn and condemn, why not seeking the way out, learning the wisdom, why that bad thing should be happen, after all what are going to happen will be just happen, some said, when something falling apart maybe it fall on the right place.

So what are correlation above, with me trying to be wise related to my food :D. Well, I think few bunch people are not liking winter and cold weather. When it is really cold outside, it is hard to wander around when it is freezing, dark and slippery. Yet, your body start complaining with the cold. Why don’t you (NOTE: if you are like me, that indulge yourself with food) stay all day in the kitchen? :D, From my opinion staying at home is no bad at all, you can entertain yourself with a lot of things, WELL I think I am generalising thing in here hehe, but you can read a book while you eating this cookies VEGAN COOKIES AU CHOCOLATE ET À LA FLOUR DE SEL, or you can dancing like storm in your room listen to good music while munching KEY LIME NUT BARS (VEGAN FRIENDLY), ah unfortunately that so far snack that I’ve been posted :D. Or call me, and I will give you some idea 😀  haha.


And here is the thing, I will make for myself (and my family), warm, comforting drink or another comfort food, choose something that comforting and nourishing, it could shield your body from harsh weather. And It might be also helping you lift up your mood, I Knew that sometime cloudy, gloomy, darkness outside can impacting someone mood, but strangely enough those harsh weather are suit me, it just make me strangely happy 😀 hehe. In fact when I was creating this recipe I got really bad stomachache and bloody cold, this drink were really help, both nourishing and make me happy. Just don’t let your outside environment withdraw your happiness, just don’t ;).

So now that we can draw the red line from my line above, shall we? hehe


SERVE 1 glass oh lemon shot


  • 1 lemon, squeeze the juice
  • 250 ml warm water
  • 2 tbs honey
  • 4-5 stalk mint leaves, squeeze some of them before you put it in glass


  1. In a glass, big enough to take in all the ingredient, put everything together, and stir gently.
  2. That’s it, ready to serve.


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