PASTA IN OLIVE OIL AND GARLIC – pasta aglio e olio – VEGAN

I know this recipe are one of Italian classic, and I know some Italian strict rule on their classic but, I am going to breaking it anyway with my twist, no Parmigiano Reggiano or Parmesan and any meaty seasoning. Also I replace parsley with celery in this recipe, on my palate parsley are too herby, so instead I choose celery for light savoury fragrance.


This recipe is one of my kids favourite, it is simple and clean for their palate, they not really into heavy thing, sometime I feel, it is them that pushing me to eat more healthier food as they are really have a healthy appetite, unless the sugar *sigh, even though I cut it a lot these days, just glad they are not complaining much.

We often enjoy this dishes at any time, breakfast, lunch or dinner, yes it is for breakfast too, it is sound too heavy, but if we eat it mindfully, it would be satisfying and fulfilling and that is all we need for breakfast to engine our day. The fact to make this recipe no required much time is also bless for me to enjoy it for breakfast during school day.


So let’s have pasta..

PASTA IN OLIVE OIL AND GARLIC – pasta aglio e olio – VEGAN

SERVE 2 medium portion


  • Handful of fettuccine, or 100-120 gram
  • 1 celery stalk, separate the leaf and the stalk, slice the stalk and finely slice the leaf for sprinkle
  • 3 garlic, chop, not necessarily fine
  • 2 tbs olive oil
  • A lot of salt to boiled the pasta
  • 1/2 tsp white pepper
  • pinch of salt if necessary
  • pinch of chilli flake if you want to – optional


  1. In medium size pot boiled enough water to cooked the pasta, 1 litre of water I think is enough, boiled the water until bubbling then put inside salt and pasta in.
  2. I think you already know, to cook proper pasta you need enough salt, that salty enough as taste of the ocean. It is important to give the pasta flavour, and later on you no need too much salt to season the pasta.
  3. While you cook your pasta (usually it took 5-7 minute or cooked according the package and it is enough time to warm the pan and sautéed the garlic), in medium size pan and medium heat, put inside olive oil, garlic and celery stalk, sauteed them until fragrance and garlic not burning.
  4. When the pasta already cooked al-dente (cook with some bite and chewiness), drain the pasta and left some pasta water about 3-4 tbs. The pasta water is what make silky and shiny pasta result.
  5. Put in the pasta into sauteed garlic with the pasta water, seasoned with white pepper and give a taste, add some more salt if necessary according to you preference.
  6. Lastly before taking it out from the heat, sprinkle with celery leaf, stir for few second and off from the heat.
  7. Ready to enjoy.


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