My kids love tofu, rather than anything else, not meat, not chicken, fish or any seafood. These days, the consume of animal based ingredient were dropping significantly, yes it is already some time I already cut animal base ingredient in my personal meal but honestly I don’t expect that my whole family will adapt this quick.


I still cooked them some of meat dishes sometime, even though my kids are totally hard to devour it, they will be like “no mommy, no”, but I still tried. Eventually, I giving up when almost every meat dishes being throw, or keep it in a fridge for hope they will eat later on, but then also being throw.

It is weird for Indonesian, I think specifically Indonesian parent on how I feed my kids, I think they will be screaming where is the nutrient for your kids, and thinking that vegetable are not sufficient enough. Well, what matter most is my family preference so I set aside what people saying *sigh.

I love this tofu scramble, this is my first tried and I just loving it. I used hard tofu here, I think tofu in Europe are completely different than what I used to had in Indonesia. Indonesian tofu somehow already savoury enough, I think in the process, the crafter already put salt as one of ingredient, while here, Tofu are just completely bland.

Cooking this way, are just another way to enjoy tofu, I scramble the tofu in different size to get the texture, then I seasoned it with black pepper for boldness, pinch of turmeric for colour and one secret ingredient, that is liquid smoke, while for the rest are super simple and quick.

Shall we? ready for an adventure?


SERVE 1 portion


  • 200 gram hard tofu ( I choose hard tofu because it hold really nice texture)
  • 1 clove of garlic, mince it rough
  • Generous pinch of oregano
  • Generous pinch of ground turmeric (to colouring)
  • 1/2 tsp salt or depend on your preference
  • Generous pinch of spicy smoke paprika
  • 1 tsp liquid smoke
  • 1/2 tsp fresh grind black pepper
  • 2 tbs vegetable oil
  • Fine slice of parsley to serve – optional
  • Fine slice of chive to serve – optional


  1. In hot pan with medium high heat, put inside the oil and pinch the tofu into scramble in different shape, some chunk and some in thin size, just to create texture. Cooked until tofu change in colour and dried, just don’t over mix it, other wise the tofu will losing the texture, just flip it several time.
  2. After tofu are dried and change in colour, put inside garlic, sauteed for few second then put all the rest ingredient.
  3. Mixing the tofu gently then give it a taste, adjust the saltiness according your preference, if necessary.
  4. Ready to serve. Serve with sprinkle chive or parsley
  5. I serve this with Bean in tomatoes sauce and toast, which I will post next.
  6. Enjoy

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