Another oatmeal porridge recipe from me, it is odd, that previously I really hate oatmeal, if you make oatmeal porridge just by itself, you know right how it taste, it is just tasteless, slurry thing *haha. Until I start questioning for some possibilities, how if I cooked oatmeal with pinch of salt and pepper, that was ah-ha moment for me, it was happen long time a go, this savoury oatmeal is always closed to my heart, and becoming my go to recipe if I want to eat something healthy and nourishing in hurry, also the possibilities of endless topping make me even more in love with this basic recipe, only salt and pepper.


I don’t have sweet tooth, something too sweet prone overwhelming to me, so in the past, usually when I make some cake or something sweet were usually for my friends and families, my kids are both also not sweet tooth, I made this delicious dark, chewy, scrumptious brownie few days ago, and guess what, it just sitting in kitchen counter for days, I just ate few bar, I couldn’t finish it myself even though it was so good, and I lost motivation *haha.

Back to this recipe, I froze a good amount of raspberry from the last summer, I want to make some pinky cake from it, or really delicious vegan ice cream by married them with thick coconut milk, but hello it is still winter cold, and cake? hmm. So the moment were arrived when, I ate this yellow rice, it is kind of Indonesian dishes, the rice is savoury cooked in light coconut milk, turmeric, salt, lemon grass and bay leaf. And this dishes have compliment like fried glass noodle with sweet soy sauce, spicy full of spice fried potatoes, so basically carb over carb. So I need something to balance it, that quick and delicious, I got raspberry and 1 sad banana in my stock so here I am, again just put ingredient together. In a lot of moment, my random move on cooking were always winner, so you can tried to just follow your intuition and put your favourite thing together.

Straightforward here the recipe, this recipe got me thinking of another possibilities *ooppss haha


Serve 1 generous portion


  • 1 handfull raspberry (frozen or fresh would be just okay)
  • 50ml drinking water (if you have almond milk or plant based milk would be wonderful)
  • 2 handfull quick cooked oatmeal
  • 2 tbs honey
  • Pinch of salt
  • Fresh fruit for topping, just add as you prefer (I add some frozen raspberry, slice banana, chia seed and pomelo candy, I know candy somehow are not good, but this candy are handmade and have beautiful bittersweet taste0


  1. In small sauce pan, put inside the oatmeal, pinch of salt and the water or almond milk, cooked them until soft and thick
  2. While waiting for oatmeal to cook, in blender, puree the raspberry until smooth
  3. After the oatmeal are cooked and thick, take it out from the heat and let them slightly warm
  4. After the oatmeal is warm, put inside the raspberry puree and honey, mix them until well combine
  5. Top them with your favourite topping

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