I am so determine trying to living in more healthy way, while I really love Indonesian food, for the richness of the taste (hello spices) and really broad of the choices. The dilemma are, in the most traditional recipe, the main ingredient usually come from animal protein, which is now I am trying to cut it a lot more often, due to lethargic effect I had, after consume it, but I wont resist Beef Rendang if there any and warm brown rice please *evil laugh


And then this come to my mind, Why I don’t switch the main ingredient which are animal protein into the plant base protein or veggie that match the recipe. And in here where the play part is so much fun, I need to guess the main ingredient and the matches into the Indonesian traditional recipe, which obvious that every ingredient bring their own character into the dishes.


Before Spain, I never eat artichoke, and don’t even have any idea how to prepare it. But Imperial mom (the lady that own my favourite vegetable shop) taught me how to prepare it, quite interesting ingredient, I love the exotic and sexy look of artichoke and dreaming to have it someday, and here I am, living in the abundant of fresh one *Thanks God.

But in this recipe I used the frozen one (ah how ironic, forgive me please, I am still exploring and comparing the taste, that is my excused *haha). In previous recipe testing I was using this ready to cooked heart of artichoke in jar, but the taste was too salty and sour, and I don’t think it was good enough, even still delicious to eat, but I can see the potential that this artichoke is matches into my traditional recipe, and I have to find the right     artichoke. When I found the frozen one, absolutely I want to make another try, and BANG the taste was so good, serve with warm brown rice, arugula and delicious slice of avocado, hand me one more portion please *nomnom


I love recipe that so simple and no fuss, if you are mommy you’d understand me, simply because I also want to enjoy my alone time and being productive in any other things, so effectivity is the key. In my most recipe, I commonly use just few ingredient without sacrificing the tastiness of the dishes, in this recipe is also the same. Well maybe in my rare occasion I’ll made this complicated recipe, but I’ll ensure you, that they are all worthy *muaach haha


Well, going straight forward to the recipe, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do


Serve 3 generous portion


  • 1 medium size french shallot
  • 1 medium size garlic clove
  • 4 red chilli (seed out if you don’t want too spicy, but if you are spicy addict as I am, add a lot more with bird eye chilli if necessary *HOTHOTHOT)
  • 1/2 medium size ripen tomatoes
  • 4 kefir lime leaf (this is the key ingredient that will be elevating the whole taste of this dishes)
  • 250 gram frozen of heart artichoke (choose the high quality one, one more, I choose the baby artichoke in this recipe)
  •  1 tsp salt
  • 2 tsp brown sugar
  • 1 tbs light olive oil


  1. In the blender or you can used hand blender, put the shallot, garlic, chilli and tomatoes, blend them until smooth, but if you want texture you can blend them quick, all depend on your preference (if you struggle to blend them you can add 2-3 table spoon of water)
  2. In medium size fried pan under medium heat, put the chilli mixture, sauté them until there is no trace of water, put the olive oil and the kefir lime leaf, continue sauté them until really fragrance
  3. After the chilli mixture is fragrance, put in the heart of artichoke until it cooked perfectly around 15 minute, keep an eye on it, stir them occasionally to ensure you are not burn them *haha, this quite often happen with me
  4. After it perfectly cooked, take off from the heat.
  5. Serve them with brown rice (actually you also can enjoy with noodle, savoury oatmeal porridge, couscous or even quinoa), salad leaf (I love arugula) and slice of avocado. Well this is just an idea, you can be creative on how to serve it

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