In afternoon, after all the hustle a long the way in the morning, usually I crave to snacking, even though I just had lunch. I just want to make sure, I added some worthy food to digest. But I have to remind you, that this recipe are really deviate way to eat sushi roll, Japanese are going to hate me *hehe.


It is basically just rice with wrap of seaweed, owwh I feel so embarrassed. But at least it is delicious for me *hehe, and I think it is quite healthy as well, the rice I used is brown rice, just cook as it is, no adding vinegar. Then I pour it with generous vegan tartar sauce (I am going to make vegan mayonnaise next, I hope hehe), it is made from vegan mayonnaise that I add with good amount of dice baby gherkin, bunch of capers and drip of fresh lemon juice. In the wrap then I just add slice of fresh cucumber, and that is all, I am set to devour this simple satisfying snack.



SERVE 10 small roll


  • 10 small seaweed sheet
  • A cup of cooked rice (I used brown rice)
  • 1 small cup vegan tartar sauce (Mine are like what I describe above)
  • 1 small cucumber, remove the core and slice it in chunk (or based on your preference)


  1. It is dumb easy, that I embarrassed myself, Just need some patience *hehe. Lay the seaweed sheet in cutting board, spread thinly with rice, then drizzle it generously with tartar sauce, lastly put some cucumber. Delicately roll it into cigar shape *;).
  2. That is all ready to enjoy.

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