I will continue to write recipe for my coconut rice companion, but this is the last recipe that vegan friendly. Actually there is another more, that traditionally will serve, it is chicken or egg Indonesian curry, and I can replace the protein with ingredient that suitable for vegan, but unfortunately I can not manage my time to have another menu as breakfast companion.


This sambal goreng basic recipe are actually quite versatile, versatile by mean you can change the core ingredient, the paste of the sambal goreng will be the same. Let say, if maybe you are really fan of meat and chicken you can replace it with meaty core ingredient. Sometime we put fried peanut on the recipe to add some texture, so It is really free to improvise. However, I used tempeh as my main ingredient, since I really miss tempeh so much, so having it in hand just want to make this dishes.


The recipe are really simple, and I already posted earlier. SO I am really sorry, I am not going write recipe on this post, but if you want to tried it, here is the recipe POTATOES AND TEMPEH SAMBAL GORENG. The only thing different is the way I slice tempeh *Roll eyes haha, I just cutting it long and thin as we traditionally did, I remember when I was helping my mom in the kitchen, she will nagging me about the perfect cutting and sizing, it was funny though to remember it. My mother have really traditional step on cooking and it should be follow in order, it drive her crazy when she saw me cooking, with my free style of cooking *haha, love you mom.

I hope you enjoy my recipe


Thank you

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