I just bough Chinese bamboo basket steamer, one that I already wanted so long. I love the smell of bamboo during the time I steam my vegetable, it is romantic haha. It is reminded me of my childhood, when I wander with my boy-friends in a bamboo forest near to my childhood home (most my friend are boys, so I have quite adventurous childhood).


It is warming both of my kitchen and my heart with the damp of water out from the steamer, actually it is just humble vegetable that I cooked but the feeling are just mesmerising. I enjoy the steam vegetable with my cashew peanut butter sauce, recipe are here HOMEMADE SAVOURY PEANUT AND CASHEW BUTTER SAUCE. Only for this vegetable steam, I make the sauce more runnier, add some chilli and sweet soy sauce.

Okay. how the way I done the sauce, Please take few table spoon of the thick sauce from recipe above, add 50-100ml water, sprinkle of dried chilli then cooked in low heat. After the sauce are bubbling away, stir it thoroughly then taking out from the heat. When the sauce colder, put inside 2-3 table spoon of sweet soy sauce, and you ready to go. You are going to love it, this sauce are mixing taste of sweet, savoury and spicy. And before you serve, to add more edge to the sauce, squeeze some lime juice, uhmmm yommyy..


The vegetable that I steam are slice roll cabbage (even though I allergic to cabbage, I still try and try hehe, and yes still I got allergic), steam potatoes, steam romanesco. And that is all, I have the world. *sigh


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  1. This sounds sooo good

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