This are the most simplest and delicious way to have a breakfast, it tasty, clean and interesting, yes I know, maybe it consider as heavy breakfast, but my meal are gradually lighter to the rest of the day. 

My reviving breakfast

You know that I love garlic, so this recipe are load with them, but you can add even more or subtract it according to your preference. I used smoke tofu, I feel blessed to have it here as it so flavourful and I no need to add complicated ingredient, so it flavour can stand up by itself. But if you have a difficulty to find it you can add 1 tsp liquid smoke or just leave it. The most important thing is you need to properly dried your tofu, fetch all the moisture so you can get crumbly ready to to season tofu.

I keep simple for the rest seasoning and easy with it, I enjoy it with warm rice (I know, but its winter hehe) and have it as snack later on.

So come join me. Shall we?


SERVE 2 portion



  1. In hot medium pan and medium high heat, put inside the garlic, scallion and chilli, sautéed until it release a fragrance.
  2. Put inside the tofu and season it, stir it a while until the seasoning are evenly infuse the tofu, lastly put inside the sesame oil. Don’t forget to give it a taste and revise according your preference.
  3. Ready to serve. Simple
  4. For optional, you can add some chilli flake, extra chop scallion and toasted sesame seed to serve.

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  1. Sally says:

    Wow!! I want you invite me sweetie, and reconcile with Tofu dishes!

    Liked by 1 person

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