I know now, that we are out of Fig and blueberry season, and I am not teasing you. This are my summer typical breakfast when abundant of summer fruit sitting on every corner shop near my apartment. But in this winter cold, you could always replace the fruit with Mandarina orange which it is in a sweetest season or fresh fat strawberry, to alternate warm cozy breakfast as this cold fresh breakfast probably could a bit lift up lazy winter mood.

I soaked chia seed overnight with no sugar soya milk, honestly if possible I wont choose soya milk, but soya milk and chia seed are pair made in heaven *hahaha, really it taste delicious. I choose no adding sugar plant based milk, as later on I am going to add agave syrup. I choose not to add the syrup during the “soaking time” because I don’t want the porridge become overly sweet. Naturally soya milk also have sweet characteristic so yeah hehe.

Here are the recipe, trust me it is super easy you just need to mix ingredient all-together, keep it in a fridge and forget it until next morning, and your breakfast are waiting for you.



  • 2 tbs cup chia seed
  • 150ml soya milk
  • Fruit of you choice (as it titled I used fig and blueberry)
  • Agave or maple syrup
  • Extra milk to loosen the porridge if it too thick


  1. In clean medium size Jar with lid, put inside the chia seed, then the milk, stir it thoroughly.
  2. Keep it in a fridge overnight.
  3. In the next morning, put the porridge into the bowl, if it too thick loosen it up with few table spoon of milk until smooth.
  4. Drizzle with agave or maple syrup.
  5. Top with your favourite fruit and ready to serve.

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