This are basic ingredient in my kitchen. I would say this are cooking shortcut for me. For extra punch of flavour, when you don’t have all the time in the world. When you don’t have the time for slow cooking but you want to get some serious flavour.

This basic ingredient are so simple with only two ingredient but the produce are really time saving for me. For the garlic oil, I used it as based for my Indonesian ramen (I promise I would posted it later). while the golden garlic, I used it in my simple pasta dishes and my breakfast stir fried.

Our breakfast mostly consist a lot of spinach stir fried, I just throw the golden garlic, sea salt and pepper in it, the stir fried will be heady fragrance with garlic, and it so quick to make it, since spinach also cooked in second. I basically just cooked the spinach into frying pan directly, throw table spoon on golden garlic, sea salt and pepper, that is all, ready on no time.

While the garlic oil and Indonesian ramen, usually Indonesian ramen are seasoned with chicken oil then soy sauce, salt and pepper. This garlic oil I used as alternate to it, it is such a hit, I never miss the Indonesian ramen again, since I able to make it here. Well unless in Indonesia we just able to buy it almost everywhere, so there is no fuss of cooking and no effort at all hehe.

Here are this simple basic big flavour.



  • 4-5 garlic bulb, I know it is hardship to peel all of them, but we have too. Then slice it a bit thick, so the garlic not easily burn.
  • 500 ml good quality vegetable oil (I used sun flower oil)


  1. In medium pot and medium to low heat, Put inside the oil and garlic. Fried slowly until the garlic turn into golden then take it out from the oil. Put the garlic into plate with kitchen towel in it to absorb excesses oil.
  2. While the oil, let it cool. After it cool, strain it and store it into air tight bottle. Ready to used.
  3. The Oil also able to used for other cooking purpose, as it heavily infused by garlic.


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