Here are one of very popular Indonesian dishes, how to celebrate eating plantbased Indonesian way for me, feasting over load of veggies could be look like party, which definitely are party for me , well at least party in my mouth.

Though bit intricate to prepare this dishes, but any left over of blanch veggies and the sauces, could be store in the fridge for at least 1 week to be re-enjoy later. So I think in long run, it will worth to prepared it.

You also could play with the vegetable’s that you going to used, the option are limitless, bottomless pit of pleasure, healthy pleasure, great way to celebrate for what consider as humble vegetable.

Chop chop let’s eat veggies



100 gram cabbage — slice it roughly

2 medium carrot — julienne

2 medium potatoes – boiled it soft

100 gram tempe — fried

100 gram firm tofu — fried

fried shallot/onion to serve — optional

chive — slice it — optional


150 gram peanut — toasted

3 garlic cloves 

2 red chilli — deseed if you don’t want it too spicy

sea salt

2 tbs brown sugar

200 ml water


  • The sauce : sautéed the garlic and chilli with little amount of olive oil, take it out from the heat, then blend in food processor with toasted peanut, until creamy, then put the mixture into medium pot, medium heat and the water, seasoned with sea salt and brown sugar, don’t forget to give it a taste and stirred occasionally until the mixture bubbling away, then taking it out from the heat. You could store the sauce in fridge for 1 week, and dissolved it with some water, reheat before you serve it, until it runny enough to pour into your veggies (like thick salad dressing consistency)
  • Blanching method : in case you don’t know blanch method, boiled water into medium pot and medium heat, put inside the veggies until it soft then take them out from hot water, quickly put them into bowl of ice water, then drain them well
  • to serve the gado-gado = in plate arrange your veggies, fried tofu and fried tempe, pour the peanut sauce, serve with sprinkle of fried onion or shallot

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