Bear with me, here are yet another comfort food, that I usually devoured during my breakfast, probably too much intricate for breakfast but believe for this comfort and nourishment, it all worth the struggle, I am not convinced you, am I? πŸ˜€

This breakfast brought back my childhood memories, only things are, back home it was used black glutinous rice, instead of white glutinous, but equally delicious and comforting, since I was foraging my kitchen storage, activity that I really enjoy, challenge me with the idea to used leftover ingredients. My perk are, I love leftover ingredient, it like talking to me, come on surprise me.

Come go with me into my childhood village


Hand-full of glutinous sweet rice β€” approximately 1/2 cup

1 small purple sweet potatoes or normal sweet potatoes, peeled and slice it cube in bite size

1/2 cup sugar

750 ml water

THE COCONUT MILK SAUCE β€” give it boiled this below mixture

50ml thick coconut milk

100ml water

pinch of salt


  • just bring together all the porridge ingredient into medium pot and medium heat, cooked slowly until it reach porridge consistency
  • when it reach porridge consistency take it out from the heat
  • serve it with few spoon of coconut milk sauce

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