Winter are in full blow here in Madrid, cold temperature, cold wind, cold everything, which are essentially my favourite weather, because I get to stick into comfort food, and load of it, the prospect endless bottom of comfort food make me happy.

This dishes are so easy to make, suitable for you after hectic day, and wanted some easy comforting indulgence, just throw every ingredients into one pot and yep ready to devoured. There is a time when I only want the food are ready for me without much effort and this recipe are one of them.

There is Japanese restaurant back in my home country that I was really often to visit, their Miso soup are splendid, and to be able to recooked their signature dishes are splendid way to cure comfort of homesick.

Here are the recipe, please enjoy, haik Arigato ….


100 gram firm tofu, cube it into bite size

2 tbs dried wakame

300 ml water

1 to 2 table spoon of white miso paste — all depend on how thick the soup you wanted to be

2 garlic clove —crushed it

1 spring onion — slice it roughly

toasted sesame seed — to serve — optional

sea salt and white pepper to taste


  • dissolve and strain the miso paste with some of the water, set aside
  • in medium pan and medium heat, put inside the rest of the water, let it boiled, then put in crushed garlic and dried wakame and seasoned with salt and pepper — this is the stock
  • then put in the tofu and dissolve miso paste into the stock, let it boiled for few minute, give it a taste, corrected it accordingly
  • lastly put inside the spring onion
  • take it out from the heat
  • ready to serve with toasted sesame seed

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