Another intricate not so complicated food from our heritage, originally this dishes are made with cassava leaves, but I can’t get any of them here in Madrid, so workaround it is, the good things are taste even better with Kale.

I serve this dishes with another ingredient, stir fried tofu and tempeh in sweet soy sauce which are really intricate delicious pairing, I promise will write the recipe later. Also enjoy it with warm jasmine rice and spicy hot sambal, all this dishes are figuratively taking me to the moon, might be sound exaggerated but indeed true for me.

Here let’s fly to the moon


200 gram kale, shredded into bite size

2 red chilli, deseed if you want mild spicy, slice it

2 french shallot, slice it

3 cloves of garlic, slice it

1 lemon grass, crush the white part of it

2 lime leaves, squeeze the leave to release the aroma

1-2 cm galangal — optional, but if you have it, this spice release very good aroma

olive oil to sautéed the aromatic

sea salt to seasoned

ground pepper to seasoned

1 tbs vegetarian sauce to seasoned

pinch of sugar to balanced — optional


  • Blanch the kale, by cooking it in boiling water then after soft submerged it into ice cold water then squeeze it gently, add salt and optionally baking soda into the boiled water to keep bright green colour of the kale.
  • in medium pan and medium heat, put inside the olive oil and the aromatic (shallot, garlic, lemon grass, lime leaves, galangal), sautéed until fragrance. 
  • put inside the blanch Kale and all the seasoning, stirred it through very well, don’t forget to give a taste. and corrected it accordingly
  • take out from the heat when everything balance and enjoy with warm rice also sprinkle of fried onion or shallot.

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