I am not going posted any recipe here, just wanted to show my snacking based on the previous burger recipe I posted. In fact now I stored some in my freezer, just in case *sigh hehe.

I enjoy the smoky patty with bunch of vegetable salad and home made vegan tartar sauce. I got this a bottle of vegan mayonnaise from my favourite store, then I made my own tartare sauce, with a lot of small dice baby gherkin pickle, edgy capers and squeeze of lemon juice.

And here is how I serve my patty, play with yours.


Here I also enjoy the salad with touch of Spanish complement, that is guindillas, basically it is chilli pickles. As a sauce as well I drizzled mine with Arugula pesto, so it was quite bomb of flavour, by the way here is the Arugula pesto recipe TOAST WITH ARUGULA PESTO AND CAPERS





I hope you enjoy my picture

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