One of my favourite Indonesian food, Indonesian street food. I am almost obsessed with bowl of this ramen. Already tried so many option of recipes, to finally able to find one that I love the most. Poor my family actually, during my exploration, they are eating noodle non stop hehe. But being lucky they love noodle.

I don’t know exactly what makes the street food stall version are so good (If I live in Indonesian, I don’t bother to make this dishes myself hehe, I am too spoiled with food choices in there), they said because, they put a lot of MSG, which might be true, haha. It is amazing how much they put MSG on this kind of dishes. I don’t against MSG, I used it in fact but in the form of extract mushroom powder, even which only amount the tip of tea spoon, it flavouring like bomb of umami savouriness.

In Indonesia usually this kind of ramen will be having braised chicken as a topping, the most common serving are with chicken and sometime with beef even though so rare, even rarer are with pork (as mostly Indonesian are muslim), but those option are still available on certain shop though.

To make this Indonesian ramen, my version to be specific, I have to let you know, there are so many version we have in Indonesia let alone in whole Asia, I think every country in Asia they have their own version of Ramen. And in my country every one have their own preference, even in my house, my husband and kids rather love salty savoury version, while myself I love the sweet salty version (by adding sweet soy sauce). For this recipe I made the Salty savoury version.

There are based seasoning, I will only explaining the based seasoning for this post, as the topping for this Ramen already posted earlier (Shiitake in soy sauce). We need garlic oil, which better to make your own home made garlic oil, I already tried what available near me garlic infused oil, but the flavour not as pungent as I expected.

I know it would take sometime to make it, but it all worth, I promised. For the rest I think just basic ramen basic ingredient of seasoning (pepper, good quality soy sauce, salt if you needed, dash of little sweetness for balance, I will used agave syrup but you could used brown sugar or just omit it).

SO shall we?



  • As a topping I used Shiitake in soy sauce, or as an option you can used any braised from other protein base, or you can also able to have it with stir fried vegetable.
  • 100 gram (this are per serving) noodle, cooked according to the packaging. My trick for noodle is, cooked in boiling water then when it chewy take out and rinsed properly with colander. Because after this we need to mixed the noodle with the based seasoning (if you want to make fried noodle the trick are a bit different, we need to rinse it with cold water after the noodle cooked, to give it a shock so the noodle are even more chewier).
  • Slice of spring onion to serve.
  • Fried onion to serve

Based sauce seasoning

  • 2 tbs garlic oil
  • 2 tbs soy sauce
  • Few sprinkle of pepper
  • Sea salt if you needed (because I already used quite salty soy sauce, I decided not using it, but choose what you preferred)
  • 1 tbs agave syrup — optional


  1. In big bowl, mix all the based sauce seasoning thoroughly.
  2. Then add the noodle, mixing it thoroughly well.
  3. Based noodle are ready to serve.
  4. Serve with topping of your choices.
  5. Sprinkle with slice spring onion and fried onion to serve. I also serve mine with dried chilli and toasted sesame seed.

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