This one are made by sheer of my curiosity. One of very common Indonesian delicacy is Sambal and one of my favourite is Sambal Terasi (Balachan in Malay). I can’t live without sambal, any kind of it, always there are some frozen chilli snuggling somewhere in my freezer in case of I need sambal emergency. Yup that kind of emergency is exist.

Terasi are made from fermented shrimp, the sambal itself taste like ocean, spicy sweet ocean. Mostly I omit the terasi, but few days ago I read on somewhere (unfortunately I forgot, but it must be some post from instagram which I search back and it was already drowning some where ) it was about the possibilities of Terasi/Balachan substitute, that is using seaweed, very interesting idea.

Then when the curiosity was itchy enough and I tested that idea, I used small dried Wakame or dried seaweed. The result was like exploding sea flavour in my mouth, which quite literally explode because the sambal was fiery hot. Now this sambal is become staple in my fridge, basic seasoning for any spicy noodle and nasi goreng. To be honest it quite refreshing.

Here below is the recipe.

Seaweed Sambal


  • 2 frech shallot (4-5 small shallot)
  • 1 big garlic
  • 1 tbs dried wakame or dried seaweed, soaked in 50ml water, don’t throw the water.
  • 1/2 medium size tomatoes roma (choose the very ripe one)
  • 1 hand-full bird eye chilies (or adjusted according your preference).
  • 1 tsp sea-salt
  • 1 tsp sugar
  • 1 tbs vegetable oil

How to

  1. blend all ingredient together (in food processor or blender), along with water that used to soaked the seaweed. Blend until smooth or according your preference.
  2. In medium heat and medium pan, put inside the sambal, cooked until all the liquid evaporates.
  3. When all the liquid evaporates, put inside the oil, cooked until it bubbling. Then put inside sea-salt and sugar.
  4. Stir it thoroughly, the sambal will get darker, and that is the sign it is ready and cooked.
  5. Keep in airtight container.
  6. The sambal can be used as condiment or base for Nasi goreng or Fried noodle or stir-fried or experiment yourself 😘

I used this sambal as a companion for Nasi Uduk I posted previously.

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