Typical favourite rice dishes for my kids, another one is turmeric rice. Basically they are carb minded, pasta and rice, just give them that two thing and they are just happy. When my son not in the mood to eat anything, his request is rice with rice, which of course I am not allowed it.

With this rice alone, they could eat 2 portion in one stop, eventhough they are conscious enough about eating healthy and everything are about balance, still this kind of rice, they couldn’t resisted (not all the time about rainbow and butterflies, there is a time when they are super picky too). But this rice, turmeric rice, pasta and rice porridge most of the time will do the work.

Easy peasy to make, I make this rice with rice cooker, but it also able to make in pot with low heat, only if cooked in pot you can’t take eyes off from it- and that is the downside. In next few post I would write the recipe companion for this kind of rice dishes. But here are the sneak peak of the complete plating.

But here are the recipe



  • 2 cup of rice, used long grain rice ( I used jasmine long grain rice, which it is add extra more fragrance ). Rinse with cold water until the rice water come quite clear, because there some nutrients there
  • 100ml coconut milk
  • 500ml water
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 3-4 lime leafs 
  • 1 lemon grass, crushed and slice it into 2-3 part
  • 1 bayleaf (I used Indonesian bayleaf it is more subtle and light, but normal bayleaf also do the job)
  • 1 pandan leave (really optional, This just my personal favorite)

How to

  • If using rice cooker, mix all ingredient together then cooked until it is ready.
  • If using pot, mix all ingredient together, cooked in medium heat until all the water are absorb, then change into the low heat and stir with fork ensure all the liquid are evaporated. ( check often during the first step of “the waiting of all the water to be evaporated” and stir occasionally). The downside of this method is you have stay close to your rice to avoid burnout. 

I serve this Nasi Uduk with, fried glass noodle, spicy vegan chicken, slice of cucumber and seaweed sambal with sprinkle of fried shallot.

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