In the next few post, are all about mushroom, mushroom this and that. I made this recipe back in the early winter, which is quite odd for me to find mushroom in very good price. Well some cultivate mushroom are mostly available all year around and for this recipe too, I used fresh cultivate mushroom, but specifically this winter, I saw Niscalo, one of expensive mushroom which this season was quite cheap, delicacy mushroom that very popular in Spain, sitting on every corner of vegetable shop near my apartment.

Easy though, for this recipe I used just what I got in hand, cheap mix baby mushroom, baby king oyster mushroom, baby shiitake, handful of shimeji and enoki mushroom. It was sold in one mix so super easy for me too. If you have a difficulty to find some mix mushroom like mine, you can used what available near you.

There are trick on how to cooked mushroom, I already tried two method so far that I will really pleased with the end result.

The first, If you want some hot meal that you want to eat right away in one stop without any trail of leftover, cooked mushroom in very hot pan, seasoned quick, give it a taste and take off from the heat, delicious to eat in one stop. This method however, if you have some leftover, when it getting cold, some moisture will come out from the mushroom which is not pleasant for me the enjoy it, cold oozy mushroom is like no other, Yucks for me definitely. But I think you could reheat it, then we would go into the second method.

Second method, cooked mushroom like normal civilised person, hehe. Just need to invest some patience, wait until all the moisture of mushroom coming out, all of them, it basically cooked in it’s own juice, which make the flavour intensified, then continue to sautéed, until crisp golden brown outside and soft chewy inside, since there is no overcooked mushroom. With this method, even there are some leftover, it still taste good, not watery at all.

So the conclusion for me, If you want something fresh with light flavouring, the first method work best. If you want some leftover with intense umami flavour, the second method are worked best.

Do you still want to know how to cooked it?



  • 250 gram mix mushroom, or used any mushroom you prefer, clean and trim.
  • 1 shallot, slice it
  • 3 fat garlic, crush and chop (you certainly can add more)
  • Few sprig of fresh thyme (If you don’t have fresh thyme, you always able to used dried one, But I think the intensity of fresh and dried are quite different in my palate. I want specifically mellow flavour for this breakfast).
  • Sea salt and pepper
  • 1 tbs of vegetable oil


  1. For this recipe, I am going to used the method one, from explanation above. In high heat and medium pan, put inside the oil, shallot and garlic, sautéed until fragrance, since the pan are very hot, please watch over the garlic, don’t let it burn.
  2. After the garlic are slightly golden (not burned), and all are fragrance, put inside the mushroom and few sprig of thyme (2-3 sprig are worked perfectly), seasoned with sea salt and pepper and stirred fast. Give it a taste and corrected it accordingly.
  3. When everything are blend together, the flavour importantly, then take off from the heat.
  4. Ready to serve, I serve mine with sprinkle of dill. My husband enjoy it with bowl of savoury rice porridge, while I enjoy it with my toast.

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