In the eve of near year end, let’s pray the we get bright year ahead. I am not one that believe of new year resolution as skeptic and moody person as I am (not good, really not good) but I believe on prayer, what I believe on prayer, as I pray, I will surrender, give up my ego, willingness to failed (there is nothing bad on failing only a lesson) for the rest I will do my great best, for the rest I will only lay there, knowing I already do my best. This year is such a rollercoaster with it up and down, but still bunch of gratitude with all the lessons and solitude.

Okay it is enough to be sound like a “wise” hehe. Hope this post will at least bring a joy to you.

This kind of snack are my kids favourite, since to bought it frozen are quite expensive, I often to crafted it myself, it is more healthy too, all fresh selected ingredient. It is easy to make, specially when you are upset and want to picking a fight *hahaha. It’s better channeling those energy to make this kind of bread, good exercise for your mind and your muscle Or else used machine *sigh.

This are my basic recipe, fool proof that so far always work for me, to be specific work for my kids. The dough also work for other recipe, such as Pao Bun for sandwich, Pao with any of you favourite filling (I love sautéed veggies one, That I also mention below for the recipe). With my kids they love the plain one, without any filling, it is like bread and they always request to have it warm. Imagine to have only warm, soft bread, such a cloud dream *sign.

Pao Bun for Sandwich

Here are the recipe



  • 335 gram cake flour (low gluten flour)
  • 50 gram maizena (corn starch)
  • 8 gram instant yeast
  • 1/2 tsp baking powder
  • 60 gram sugar
  • 175 ml ice cold water
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • 30 gram vegan butter


As for stir fried, I only use just few leaves of cabbage, julienne of small carrot and 1 spring onion, shiitake mushroom for the flavouring and adding extra fragrance. Stir fried with garlic and scallion then seasoned only with salt and pepper. You can modified the filling but pick less moist vegetable (I cooked the cabbage lastly and very fast to avoid it become mushy and too moist also to maintain the texture).


  1. Mix all ingredient (except butter and salt), knead slowly and gradually add the cold water until it form rough dough, then add the salt and butter. Continue to knead until elastic, window pane stage dough. I knead by hand +-10 to 15 minute  (work hard, I know hehe).
  2. Cover the dough with towel and let it rest for 25 minute.
  3. After 25 minute punch the dough, take the dough (30-40gram if you patient enough to measured) Or take as you like  ( it is your dough) shape into ball then flatten and fill with the stir fried veggies then shape again into ball and put it into cupcake paper or parchment paper (as bottom cover of the Pao so it is not stick during the steaming). Finish the process and let it rest again for 15 minute.
  4. If you want to have Pao without filling, take the dough like proximately above on step 3, for 30-40 gram, shape it into ball and put it into small parchment paper or cupcake paper. Rested for 15 minute then jump into step 6 below.
  5. Or as alternate, you could roll your dough into 1-2 cm thickness, cut it with drinking glass (with circle mouth one), lightly rub the surface with vegetable oil then folded into half moon and put it in small parchment paper. You could used this shape as sandwich alternative. Rested for 15 minute then jump into step 6 below.
  6. While you wait for the Pao to resting, put your steamer with medium low heat, cover the bottom of your steamer with parchment paper (to avoid harsh steam) and cover the lid of your steamer with kitchen towel (to avoid evaporate water dropping into your Pao, because it can make the Pao having wrinkly surface).
  7. When the Pao resting enough, and the steamer ready, put the Pao inside and steam for 11-12 minute. My tip is don’t open the lid before at least 10 minute cooking, it could make the Pao collapsing.
  8. Enjoyyy this sweet savoury delight.
Pao without Filling


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